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Why Wrought Iron Doors in Harrisburg Homes are a Great Idea

There’s no denying that wrought iron doors are beautiful to look at. But they also have plenty of functional advantages that set them apart from other popular door options. If you want to spruce up your exteriors but don’t have the patience or the time for a massive renovation, buying a top-notch wrought iron door in Harrisburg is the only purchase you need to make.

We’ll discuss why wrought iron doors continue to be in high demand and present some gorgeous designs so you can discover the possibilities.

Let’s get right to it:

Wrought Iron Doors and Why You Should Buy Them

These are some of the biggest benefits that wrought iron doors have to offer:

1. You’ll Be Spoiled for Choice

There are so many variants to choose from that you’ll have a tough time deciding which one would be best for your home. Believe it or not, this is a good thing. You want to have a lot of choices, so you won’t have to settle for a design you don’t love 100%.

2. You’ll Find a Door According to Your Preferences

Whether you think of your design preferences as eclectic or eccentric, you can rest easy knowing that there’s a wrought iron door out there that’s perfect for you. Wrought iron doors cater to both “less is more” and “more is more” people.

3. You Can Have a One-of-a-Kind Door if You Want

If you aren’t impressed by existing designs, it’s easy to get a custom wrought iron door built according to your specifications. Mix and match elements of different doors or create a whole new design that’s unlike anything else. The choice is yours.

Elements of a Wrought Iron Door

These are the design elements you’ll find in a typical wrought iron door:

1. The Frame

A wrought iron frame provides the bulk of a door’s structure. Frames vary in design and construction. In some wrought iron doors, they’re little more than borders for large panes of glass. In others, they’re bigger and only have a few small panes of glass in the middle. Some designs are a combination—you get a solid lower section and a narrow pane of glass in the upper section.

2. The Glass

Glass is the second most important part of a wrought iron door. You can get large panes that run the length of the door or small panels that give a window-like appearance. There are also different types of glass, such as:

  • Clear glass
  • Rain glass
  • Low-e glass
  • Sandblast/frost glass
  • Aquatex glass

Clear glass is see-through and great if you want maximum visibility and light, whereas rain glass and sandblast glass are popular options for privacy-minded homeowners.

3. The Screen

Screens are available as an add-on for many wrought iron doors. You can leave them open to enjoy fresh air, natural light, and views of the outside during the day—and keep them closed at night or when you’re not home.

4. Grillwork

The grillwork in a wrought iron door has two benefits—it looks beautiful and also prevents uninterrupted views of your interiors from the outside. Wrought iron grillwork can be as minimal or as intricate as you like. You’ll find basic shapes, flowers, and even geometric patterns.

Wrought Iron Door Designs You’ll Love

Check out these great wrought iron doors:

1. Double Flat Wrought Iron Doors

Double-flat wrought iron doors follow a relatively conventional design with a simple structure. This makes them suitable as front doors for many architectural styles.

2. Single Flat Wrought Iron Door with Sidelights

Adding sidelights to a single wrought iron door increases the natural light allowed inside, without taking up too much space.

3.  Double Arch Wrought Iron Doors

Double arch wrought iron doors have a more striking appearance than flat doors, thanks to the arch and clever use of glass in the upper section of the doors.


Wrought iron doors are great front doors because they’ve got a wide range of designs, patterns, and styles. Best of all, extensive customization is possible so that your new entry doors can be more aligned with your requirements.

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