GLBT AMERICA cleaning service What Is the Convenience of Modern Cleaning

What Is the Convenience of Modern Cleaning


Cleaning services are quite popular now, but still some people are afraid to use them. Some feel ashamed that other people will come and clean their house. You shouldn’t condemn yourself, because cleaning is a second job that you often don’t have the energy or time for. And if it’s a country house? Since it will be difficult to clean on your own, it is better to turn to professionals such as here

Today there is no shortage of companies that provide their customers with cleaning services. However, the range of work they perform is so wide that sometimes it is difficult to understand what kind of service you need. Our article will tell you about the differences between the main types of cleaning services and when you need them.


Cleaning of premises

House cleaning is a service that is usually ordered on a regular basis. It includes caring for flooring, cleansing horizontal surfaces, disinfecting sanitary facilities, washing windows, caring for furniture, cleansing the kitchen, and taking out the garbage. Regular performance of such works (they, by the way, can be ordered not only for the apartment or your own house, but also for the office) will help you keep the premises completely clean. Usually the cleansing of the premises is carried out at least once a week, and more often if necessary.

General housekeeping

General cleaning of the premises is a more thorough cleaning. It includes cleansing all the hard-to-reach places (on the mezzanine, in the closets, behind the furniture), cleaning carpets and furniture, washing light fixtures and much more. General cleansing is usually ordered as a one-time service before any important event. If you have ordered the cleaning of the premises on a permanent basis, then at least once every few months you will have to do a general cleaning as well.


Territory cleaning

Grounds cleaning is a service that is most often demanded by owners of various buildings (office, commercial and entertainment complexes, sports and hotel complexes), as well as residential buildings. Grounds cleansing includes the cleansing of paths, garbage removal (in winter – snow), care of greenery and lawns, cleaning drainage grates and so on. Upon agreement, cleansing of facade plinths, lighting poles, maintenance of entrances and other types of work may be included in the cleaning of areas.

Cleansing after repairs

Have you made a cosmetic or major renovation of the building? Now you just need to carry out cleansing after repairs – to remove construction debris and clean all kinds of coatings (floor, walls, ceiling, windows, doors) from various types of dirt – paint, whitewash, masking tape, dust and dirt. In addition, it is necessary to clean all interior elements (frames, window sills, radiators, light fixtures and more). The room should be cleaned to a shine. Only in this case, the overall impression of the repair you carried out will be really good.


Cleaning up after a fire

Sad as it may be, fires happen. And if the trouble has passed you by and your apartment has suffered only partially, you can restore the most livable appearance by performing the cleaning after the fire. It is very difficult to do it yourself, because the cleaning of the soot and smoke from all surfaces is made in several stages and several means are used, from gasoline to medical alcohol. Dry cleaning of furniture and carpets is performed. The maximum effect, without making repairs, can only be achieved with a lot of experience. Also, at the end of the cleaning, the air is ionized and purified.

Cleaning underground garages

It primarily involves cleansing the flooring. Usually such work is done mechanically – with the help of special floor cleaning machines. They allow you to clean even the largest areas in a short time. At the same time, the quality of work remains high and the price is affordable.

Special cleansing

It is a separate name for the cleaning of facades. This includes both seasonal cleaning of facades, which usually takes place in spring and includes cleansing of windows, and cleaning of facades from efflorescence – white stains that appear mainly on brick facades as a result of natural causes (crystallization of salts on the surface). Washing is carried out using professional equipment, which helps to effectively deal with dirt without damaging the facade.

Performing specific types of work

In addition to orders for comprehensive cleansing, you can place an order for a specific type of cleaning service. This can be seasonal cleansing of windows or facades, trash or snow removal, lawn mowing and landscaping, house cleansing, including ironing, and so on. Usually, this type of collaboration costs a little more, but if you don’t need a full package of services, this will be the perfect solution for you! It is worth noting that you should only trust cleaning companies with solid experience, with experienced employees, professional equipment and household chemicals. Only in this case you can be sure that the result of cleaning will be really clean room or territory, and in this case you will not encounter any flaws or even damage that were caused by careless masters. It is better to choose a company after reading reviews about its work or after consulting with colleagues who have recently ordered similar services. You should also pay attention to the price – too low a price should make you think about the level of quality, and too high – about the real need for such services. It is best to focus on the average offers on the market. By finding a reliable cleaning service provider, you can forget about such a headache as house cleansing forever.


When is it best to call a cleaning company?

There is no need to be ashamed of the fact that sometimes you have to call professionals to clean. Especially if it happens for one of four reasons:

  1. You don’t spend a lot of time at home. Even if you’re a housewife and stay home with the kids, you have plenty of reasons not to stay home – a trip to the store, a walk to the playground, a visit to the doctor and more. But there are plenty of other things to do at home, too, that take up the rest of your time.
  2. You have a job. Or maybe even more than one. Agree that you don’t feel like doing anything in the evening after work, especially cleansing. But you still want to be clean. That’s why, when there is a free minute, it is better to turn to professionals who will do everything in the best way.
  3. You are a modern person. And in today’s world, many people outsource things – and there’s no shame in that. Many people hire professionals to do their bookkeeping, fix their computers, or do their wiring. So how is cleansing any worse? Professional cleaners and cleaners will get the job done efficiently, effectively and quickly.
  4. You deserve a vacation. Spend your time with benefit and pleasure. Go shopping, sit in a cafe or play computer games. Everything will be done at its best.

Cleaning is not a shame, it’s convenient and useful!