Friday Sep 22, 2023

Victory Bin Cleaning brings specialized trash can cleaning truck to Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As the seasons change, many people may be getting their garage cleaned out before winter, but a new Sioux Falls company is offering a service to make sure one of the stinkiest parts of your garage stay clean and fresh. A look at Victory Bin Cleaning’s service in tonight’s Your Money Matters.

“Walking out into your garage and wondering what the smell is,” Victory Bin Cleaning Owner Scot Collins said.

It’s a problem every homeowner can relate with, but as a trash hauler, Collins dealt with the issue every day.

“I saw a need so I started looking into it,” Collins said.

Homeowners in Sioux Falls haven’t had a lot of options for cleaning out those stinky trash bins.

“Before this, I would either hook up a hose to try to clean them out myself, maybe pour a little bleach or some dawn soap in them and it’s not nearly as effective as what they can do with their equipment,” Victory Bin Cleaning Customer Ryan Anderson said.

Months of research and search led Collins to his unique truck.  

“It’s specifically designed for cleaning garbage bins,” Collins said. “It has two high powered heads on the inside of the truck, then, of course, the lift system that brings the cans up.”

Collins flew to Utah to pick up the truck and bring it back to Sioux Falls to start Victory Bin Cleaning.

“We clean, sanitize, deodorize all without any chemicals. We don’t use any chemicals at all, just hot water, pressure, time, and it works amazing,” Collins said.

While some people may just want their trash bins cleaned every once in a while, Collins says homeowners who leave their bins in the garage all the time, might want to sign up for more frequent service.

“Most of my monthly people for sure are those that keep their cans in the garage,” Collins said.

“We’re doing it all the time, the main reason we looked at it was to keep the yard waste can as clean as we can. Those leftover lawn clippings tend to get a little ripe,” Anderson said.

But customers like Ryan Anderson say seeing and smelling the benefit of having all of their bins cleaned on a regular basis has him grateful for this new service.

“I’m glad they’re here; it’s definitely worthwhile,” Anderson said.

Victory Bin Cleaning sends out email and text reminders the day before service for its monthly and quarterly customers, but they also offer one time cleaning services as well.

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