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Using Disney Decorating Ideas in Your Child’s Bedroom

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Using Disney Decorating Ideas in Your Child’s Bedroom. For some reason when I look back at my kids bedroom it seems like I made one of those great finds in a travel themed bedroom for kids. I know I did but it kind of put me off because it was so different from the other bedrooms I had. I did not even know what to make or where to start. Let me help you with a few tips and ideas for your kids bedroom decorating.

First let me explain that when you are decorating a small kids bedroom you have a little more freedom but not much. You can have all sorts of fun and funky decorations but they still have to be coordinated with the rest of the room. One way you can keep it all together is to have one theme throughout the room and experiment with that theme.

My favorite thing to do with our bedroom for kids is to use a photo credit on the bedroom door. I love to use a cute little photo from our trip to Disney World. I think our little girl likes to pretend she works there. She keeps the Mickey Mouse ears for her room and loves to show off her Disney travel costume to her friends. My son loves to use his favorite cartoon characters such as Looney Toons and Teletubbies. So for the bedroom for kids I would make a fun collage of photos from our travels or take him to a travel themed gallery wall.

You can find all kinds of great trip themed wall art at your local art store or online. I would pick out a fun photo from our trip and use it as a guest bedroom photo credit on our bedroom for kids door. Then I would put another photo on our bedroom for kids door with the same characters. I usually place the photos in a frame above the bed. The kids can open their presents on the bed and look at their favorite Disney characters.

You can find great Disney decorating ideas online at great decorating sites. You will also be able to find great Disney decorating ideas for kids bedrooms. You will be able to find many different ways to decorate the bedroom for kids.

Some great ways to decorate a bedroom for kids is to use kids furniture from their favorite Disney movies such as beds from Winnie the Pooh, or bedroom suites from A Bug’s Life. You can even decorate your kids bedroom with some items from the Cars collection such as the hood over the bed from the movie or the race car bed. You could also add a mural of one of your kids favorite Disney princesses. You can paint the room pink if your girls have a girly style princess or blue for the boys.

You can add some fun accessories to a kids bedroom to complete the look. I love using decorative pillows to add an extra touch to my bedroom. I have pillows for all of my Disney characters including Mickey Mouse. I have a few wall hangings and posters that I place over my bed to add even more character to my bedroom. You can even use some of your kids old toys to create a themed bedroom for them.

Decorating your kid’s bedroom should not be stressful. You should make it a fun experience for your kids. As you plan your kids room make sure you use a theme that appeals to your kids. Make your Disney bedroom decoration ideas fun and unique so your child will want to use it each day. A great way to end the theme is by adding a Disney film to the walls of the bedroom.

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