GLBT AMERICA cleaning service Twinsburg K9 officer tackles dirty trash cans with new business

Twinsburg K9 officer tackles dirty trash cans with new business

Yamil Encarnacion recently started TwinsBinz, which goes to residences and businesses to clean and sanitize trash cans.

Consider the humble trash can. It holds our waste materials, so the rest of our abodes remain tidy. It never refuses our refuse.

But what happens when this simple but ubiquitous home accessory itself needs spring cleaning?

That’s the question one Twinsburg resident asked himself. His answer: TwinsBinz, which aims to not only clean, but disinfect, deodorize and sanitize garbage containers.

Yamil Encarnacion, who many in Twinsburg will recognize as a longtime patrolman and K9 officer with the city’s Police Department, said he first thought of the idea while he was on medical leave after an injury he sustained while assisting with a rescue.

“I began researching to see if there was any company or a service that cleaned dirty trash cans especially during the height of COVID-19,” Encarnacion said. “After much research into the industry, cleaning methods, I saw the demand for a service that could not only clean but disinfect, sanitize and deodorize the one item in our homes that we come in contact often that not only smells but contains bacteria, viruses, mold and often attracts bugs and small animals.”