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Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Part-time Cleaning Service

We love cleanly pressed sheets, sparkling kitchens, and squeaky clean bathrooms, but we hate cleaning these up ourselves.

Statistics show that as a population, we generally have a strong dislike for doing chores, particularly ones that will get you up close and personal with grime and germs like toilet cleaning, vacuuming, and kitchen clean up.

According to Statista surveys done in the UK, 27 % of the population generally dislike doing laundry and cleanup, while 50 % strongly dislike ironing. As much as 44% dislike overall house cleaning, especially when it comes to bathroom cleaning .

However, there is a convenient and reliable service that works to clean your home for you. Cleaning companies have sprung up an entire industry of making home cleaning a professional business, knowing full well that we generally dislike, or have no time for, cleaning our homes.

These companies offer cleaning services that are just so convenient and affordable, that they present a better alternative to house cleaning than doing the chores yourself! Check out the full list of services of a part-time maid cleaning service here:

1.   Convenient cleaning without the hassle.

For the majority of us, cleaning can be more of a hassle than a necessity. You are often tempted to just forego cleaning altogether when you’re already tired from work or social activities. Putting off cleaning for another week or so may seem like a good idea at the time, but by the end of the week, you’re living in filth!

A part-time maid cleaning service is scheduled beforehand, and the part-time cleaner will arrive at your home to do the cleaning for you while you go about your work-related tasks. After the allotted time, the cleaner will leave to move on to the next client, leaving you with your personal privacy in a pristine, clean living space!

2.   Affordable cleaning services.

Gone are the days when cleaning services are reserved for those who could afford them. Most cleaning companies are competitive in their prices, and they can offer great deals on scheduled cleaning when you avail of their services regularly.

Besides the convenience of these cleaning services, hiring a part-time cleaner is much more affordable than a full-time one, as the part-time cleaner is not limited to cleaning only your household. The cost of cleaning is divided throughout different clients, making their cleaning services much more affordable to the individual homeowner!

3.   Well-trained cleaners.

When hiring someone to look after your house and help with the upkeep of your home, you often have to go through the entire training process to ensure that they know what to do and what not to do in your home. However, with a cleaning company covering the training, you can be sure that the cleaner is knowledgeable and experienced in tackling all types of cleaning jobs!

Plus, hiring a part-time maid from an agency removes the need for you to conduct a background check on the cleaner, as you are letting a stranger into your home after all. A reputable cleaning company should have done a background check as part of training the cleaner. You’re sure to hire a trustworthy cleaner that will be of great help in your housekeeping!

4.   Punctual and efficient cleaning services.

With a part-time cleaner, you won’t have to worry about lodging or living expenses unlike a full-time maid, but you will need to schedule your cleaning appointments with the cleaning company. However, you can be assured that the part-time cleaner will arrive at your house geared up and ready to tackle the cleaning tasks for the day at the exact scheduled time!

5.   Professional, yet friendly cleaners.

Besides being trained in cleaning and punctual in scheduling, part-time maids typically conduct themselves in a professional manner, yet are friendly enough to minimize the awkwardness. Because they clean different households, the part-time maid would act with proper decorum, and can handle a conversation with you if they prefer to.

With a professional attitude that is always willing to help you out with the cleaning chores you need done around the house, hiring a part-time maid wouldn’t feel too stoic or cold. They will also communicate with you on how you would like your home cleaned, and the specifics of each task assigned to them for a guaranteed satisfactory cleaning!

6.   Reliable scheduling.

Best of all, cleaning companies often employ different cleaners to delegate to different households. With proper management, you can be sure that the cleaning company is able to reliably schedule your cleaning appointments with the correct details, so you’re not scrambling around waiting for the cleaner to arrive at the wrong time.

With most administrative operations now digitized, you can easily check when your cleaner will arrive, and most cleaning companies will confirm with you the time and date of your scheduled cleaning appointment beforehand!

Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Part-time Cleaning Service

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