Sunday Oct 01, 2023

This Top-Selling Cat Furniture Protector Is On Sale

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Having a cat is a joy like no other: They’re faithful companions that love to snuggle, sunbathe, and play. But being a cat parent has its downsides too, and one of the big ones is scratching. Cats love to sink their claws into furniture — even if you use things like deterrent sprays — and some pets do it even when there are plenty of scratching posts around for them to scratch that particular itch. 

But more than 4,800 five-star ratings and thousands of positive reviews on Amazon point to a solution in the Stelucca Amazing Shields, a cat furniture protector that literally blocks a cat’s claws from getting into couches and chairs. These sheets come in a pack of six and are made out of a thick, plastic material that deters cats from scratching, since they can’t get their claws into it. They’re large enough (17 by 12 inches) to cover big portions of furniture, but can be cut easily with scissors to fit smaller areas. The pads adhere to furniture when the self-adhesive paper is pulled off and the sticky side is exposed. Each package comes with 50 pins that twist into plush fabric and are optional to use for an even more secure fit. 

Buy It! Stelucca Amazing Shields, $24.29 with coupon (orig. $35.99);

Some reviewers chose to use the pins while others said they were unnecessary, and many noted that they were able to remove the pads and readjust them without them becoming less adhesive (with an added bonus of not leaving residue on their furniture). The pads are safe to use on polyester, cotton, acetate, or vinyl furniture, but Stelucca Amazing says not to use them on real or faux leather. The shields are currently 25 percent off on Amazon, and there’s an additional 10 percent off coupon that can be clicked on before adding them to your cart, which brings the price down to just over $24. 

One shopper wrote that they were “thrilled with the effectiveness and ease of this product.”  They added, “I love that it’s customizable, too. My cat hasn’t scratched our new couch once… She refuses to scratch anything — and I mean anything — but our couch and bed. There’s so much money wasted on so many cat scratchers, but not these perfect shields!”

Buy yourself a pack (or two) and save your furniture from your feline friend with the Stelucca Amazing Shields while they’re still on sale at Amazon — and don’t forget to clip the extra 10 percent off coupon.

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