Saturday Sep 23, 2023

This Cover That Protects Furniture from Dog Hair Is ‘a Must-Buy’

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As much as pet parents might love their dogs and cats, they’re probably not huge fans of the pet hair said animals can leave all over the house. Unless you have a low-shedding breed, you might find a need to constantly change furniture covers, bed sheets, and linens just to rid your living space of pet hair. Even having a powerful vacuum that can suck up all the pet hair stuck to your furniture might not be enough to keep your furniture looking brand new, so that’s where an additional pet cover that you can easily wash comes in handy. 

Amazon shoppers say Ameritex’s Waterproof Reversible Furniture Cover is just the thing you need. This leakproof cover that fits on every surface, from couches and beds to car seats and lounge chairs, has “saved” pet parents’ furniture from potty-training puppies and incontinent cats, according to reviews. It even comes in multiple sizes, from 30-by-70 inch options to 82-by-102-inch options that are more than enough for even California king-sized beds. “If you have dogs, and allow them on your bed, this is a must buy,” said a shopper.

Buy It! Ameritex Waterproof Reversible Furniture 52-by-82-Inch Cover, $29.99;

The best part about Ameritex’s cover is that it’s completely waterproof, so no leaks or accidents will ever seep through to ruin your furniture. “I primarily got this because my dogs shed so much and I wanted to keep most of the hair off of our comforter and sheets,” wrote a shopper. “About a week after I got it, my dog got sick while I wasn’t home and threw up on the bed, and this cover was totally waterproof and nothing leaked onto our sheets.” 

Even if they do have accidents on the cover, reviewers also say that cleaning up is as easy as a wipe with a paper towel. “I have a sick cat that has taken to peeing in the bed so I put this thing on it and now I only have to clean it off the cover or the floor, both are way easier than my blankets,” said a pet parent. “It wiped right off the cover with almost zero effort! Best pet investment ever.”

Since the cover can even be tossed in household washers and dryers, pet parents say it is so easy to clean and holds up well after washing. It’s even “perfect for multiple dogs,” wrote a puppy trainer. “This blanket works great [if] a puppy makes a mess and I can clean it up off the top fast so it will not absorb into the blanket. If I’m too slow it does absorb into the blanket with no mess underneath it… My dogs and training puppies love this blanket. I have bought two and would most definitely buy more later on.” 

With so many glowing reviews, it’s no wonder Ameritex’s furniture cover has a near-perfect rating from more than 5,400 shoppers. Get the cover now to save your beds and seats from being taken over by your pets — shop it below starting at $34. 

Buy It! Ameritex Waterproof Reversible Furniture 68-by-82-Inch Cover, $34.99;

Buy It! Ameritex Waterproof Reversible Furniture 82-by-82-Inch Cover, $34.99;

Buy It! Ameritex Waterproof Reversible Furniture 82-by-102-Inch Cover, $49.99;

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