GLBT AMERICA Interior The Importance of Curtains: Why You Need Them and How to Buy the Right Ones

The Importance of Curtains: Why You Need Them and How to Buy the Right Ones

The first-ever curtain was invented by the Egyptians during the 13th Century BC. The curtains before were plain looking, with no design. They are made from animal skin. The look of curtains was enhanced with the designs, and its fabric was made from fine grains and silk.

The curtain is an essential part of your home. They add beauty and colors to your home. That is why interior designers put much effort into choosing a curtain that is best fitted into a space. Curtains provide benefits such as it gives privacy, keeping direct sunlight, and helping conserve energy.

That is why it is important to incorporate curtains when you are decorating your home. But before deciding on your curtains, the Yorkshire Fabric store offers made to measure curtain that you can choose from and is perfect for your space!

Choosing the Right Curtains

There are different aspects that you need to consider when buying a curtain. Such as the color, the texture, its durability, and its design. To know more, here are the ways for you to buy the perfect curtains:

Curtain Material

The materials of your curtain should be well thought of. For instance, bespoke curtains offer made-to-measure curtains that can fit any ambiance of your home and are customizable, with a wide range of styles.

Bespoke curtains offer different materials such as linen, cotton, faux silk, and velvet that are the best window treatment fabrics. When choosing a material, consider your area conditions. Especially if your window area is windy, you can choose a thick fabric, or if your home is dark, you can choose a lighter fabric.

Design and Color

There are different designs available with customizing your bespoke curtains. Beginning from neutral colors to vibrant ones, as well as classic designs to a fun design.

Bespoke curtains are sure to offer a wide variety of colors and fabric patterns. So, you can easily spot the perfect curtains for your window space. However, the design and color of your curtains should not only blend in but stand out. You can choose a color that compliments the color, the space, and the furniture where you place your curtains. For instance, choose a heavier and dark curtain for a window that lies behind an item of furniture, for them to have a more elevated look.

The fit and Type of Curtains 

There are different types of bespoke curtains, such as triple pinch curtains, double pinch curtains, pencil pleat curtains, and eyelet curtains.

Triple pinch curtains are available in bespoke curtains that will give your curtains a classic and elegant look. You can use this type of curtain if you want your space to look glamorous.

Double pinch curtains also give a classic feel to your space. However, when compared to the triple pinch, this type has a more modern feel.

If you want to have a curtain that can serve as an accent piece, then pencil pleat curtains are for you. It has an uncomplicated style and is perfect for your space areas with string and bay windows. It is ideal for all types of fabric, so it’s easy to use.

Eyelet curtains are one of the most common types of bespoke curtains. Among the curtain types, eyelets have more contemporary vibes. Nevertheless, It can fit into any style of your home.

Why Curtains Are Essential for your Home

Curtains have a purpose in your home, room, or any space. It can bring out the best look of your home at the same time will give you privacy. Curtains can create a welcoming feel or make your home darken. Every type of curtain is made specifically for your home like a bespoken curtain can make you connected with it and the whole vibe of your home space.


Curtains are a must when decorating your home space. We mustn’t forget this one! There are ready-made curtains available everywhere, yet it is made to measure curtains, such as bespoke curtains that will be more beneficial for you in the long run. 

Do not worry because Yorkshire has varieties of made-to-measure curtains that you can choose from!