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The Best Sectional Sofa, According to ‘Architectural Digest’ Editors

The best sectional sofa for timeless style: Maiden Home Dune Sectional
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Maiden Home’s philosophy is that a showstopping couch with luxury level craftsmanship shouldn’t come with a ridiculously expensive price tag. And by cutting out the showrooms, wholesalers, and boutiques, the furniture makers are able to offer customers custom-made pieces, direct from workshops in North Carolina, at a fraction of the price. The Dune in particular is the brand’s version of a classic slipcover sofa, and with six different styles of sectional to customize and classic linen upholstery, this very versatile couch still makes a statement in your home without standing out too much.

The best sectional sofa for complete comfort: Sixpenny Neva Chaise Sectional
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Sixpenny is a eco-friendly brand that’s based on the idea of natural comfort. In fact, all the company’s seating—like the Neva Chaise Sectional—have ethically sourced down feather–stuffed cushions, frames handcrafted from kiln-dried solid hardwood, and linen-cotton covering options made from luxurious, all-natural materials. While you won’t go wrong with the Neva sectional for your home, know that you can spring for the whole Neva line from Sixpenny as well, which includes a chair, daybed, and even an alternative corner sectional—all with different slipcover options to suit your particular decor style.

Sixpenny Neva Chaise Sectional

Midcentury-Modern Sectionals

There’s a reason MCM design hasn’t gone anywhere in the past several decades (well, lots of reasons actually; entire books have been written on the subject), and we keep finding new and innovative examples of its principles put to work. From eco-friendly to budget-friendly, there’s a MCM sectional out there for anyone looking. 

The best sectional sofa for when you want it now: Albany Park Park Sectional
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Albany Park is a relative newcomer to the direct-to-consumer furniture game, founded in 2019 by former NFL player Darryl Sharpton and his wife, Jessica. The brand offers several quick-shipping, easy-to-assemble sectionals-in-a-box that land in the lower range of price points we tested. The Park collection features time-tested midcentury details including the tapered legs and 
slim-profile design that will make it flexible when it comes to working with your existing decor. It’s a solid, family-friendly sofa with just the right amount of elegance. 

The most budget-friendly sectional: AllModern Breanna Sectional
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A sectional sofa for under $1,500—that can’t be comfortable, right? Not the case, according to our reviewer, Elise Portale. In fact, the Breanna sectional from Wayfair-owned AllModern exceeded all expectations when it came to quality, comfort, and style, leaving Portale with one word to describe it: luxurious.   

Allmodern Breanna Sofa & Chaise Sectional

The best responsibly manufactured sectional: Sabai Essential Sectional
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We’ve been fans of sustainable furniture brand Sabai’s mission and commitment to the environment for a few years now, but this is the first time we’ve really put them to the sit test! Not only is the sofa incredibly comfortable, affordable, and easy to assemble, it’s space efficient while roomy enough to seat three adults (and a corgi!) at the same time. Sabai seems to have done the impossible: made a great-looking sofa that’s gentler on the planet and won’t cost a fortune.

Sabai Essential Sectional

Leather Sectionals

Is there anything sexier than a leather couch? Lenny Kravitz has, like, seven in his Brazilian compound, so our answer is probably no. Even faux leather sofas have gotten better-looking of late. Style factor aside, leather sofas have a multitude of practical benefits, such as getting better with age and being hypoallergenic and easy to clean. We tested two standout sectional couches—one traditionally tufted, one three-seater with a chic chaise longue—that we think will liven up you living space.

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