GLBT AMERICA maintenance Spring and summer home maintenance – Home exterior upkeep | Community

Spring and summer home maintenance – Home exterior upkeep | Community

Exterior upkeep may increase your home’s overall value and curb appeal.

Also, many of these actions will protect your home from the elements, saving you the cost of larger repairs down the road.

Consider these steps to keep your outdoors maintained.

House Top – Roof and Gutters

Making small repairs every spring and summer can help you keep on top of a potentially big expense such as roof damage. Weather and wind wear on your roof and gutters.

Follow these tips to keep them in top shape:

Clean your gutters and downspouts regularly.

Inspect roofing for leaks and mold.

Repair or replace any shingles that are missing, damaged, or loose.

Inspect the chimney for damage and wear.

In-Between – Walls and Structure

No matter what material your home is wrapped in, check for wear and tear.

Consider these steps:

Repair and repaint chipped, cracking, or faded paint.

Check mortar joints in your brick to see if they need tuckpointing.

Inspect siding for chips. Make sure it is not loose or rotted.

Consider if it is time to wash siding, windows, brick, or stone. This can be done with cleaners and a brush, a garden hose, or a pressure washer, depending on the materials to be cleaned. If you are unsure, or need help, consult a professional.

Ground Level – Foundation, Driveways, and Decks

Give your home’s ground-level exterior a good inspection. Check the foundation and any concrete areas for cracks and other issues.

Inspect the foundation for cracks or leaks, which can let in water, insects, or radon gas. If you find any, make repairs.

Refill cracks on concrete sidewalks or driveways. Water that seeps in through cracks can freeze and thaw, damaging the surface over time.

Clean porches and walkways by sweeping and washing them.

Check decks for loose boards and nails, rot, or mold. Give it a wash. If the water soaks in, it may be time to reseal the wood.


When considering outdoor maintenance, most people think first of the lawn and garden.

In addition to regular mowing and weeding, try these tips to keep your landscape in top shape:

Fertilize your lawn.

Prune trees and shrubs.

Clear away growth from around your air conditioning unit.

Mulch to keep away weeds and help plants and trees keep moisture.

Other Outdoor Projects

Spring and summer are the seasons to get outside! Be ready for play by maintaining these items if you have them:

Inspect fencing and re-stain, reseal, or repaint as needed.

Check any play equipment and repair as needed. Re-stain, reseal, or repaint as needed.

Clean gas or charcoal grills to prep for the outdoor cooking season.

Clean or set up the pool if you have one.

If you are unsure of how to tackle a task, or if the project is beyond your tools and abilities, consult a professional. Look for someone reputable in the community and ask for license or certification.

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