GLBT AMERICA Furniture Sofa Upholstery Fabric Suppliers Around United Kingdom

Sofa Upholstery Fabric Suppliers Around United Kingdom

Do you have a particular sofa project in mind that necessitates the use of fabric? Are you seeking dependable couch fabric suppliers in the UK for your company or DIY projects? Perhaps you simply want to look at materials from the convenience of your own home. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the perfect spot because we’ve compiled everything for you.

These are some of the greatest locations to shop for anything from low-cost finds at tried-and-true stores to higher-end, designer-favorite brands and one-of-a-kind textiles you won’t find anywhere else. These fabric vendors are guaranteed to have what you’re looking for, regardless of your budget.

Symphony Mills

Symphony Mills is a vibrant girl-next-door with a wide range of modern fashion tastes and a passion for color. Green, purple, and orange can easily be part of the same fabric line, while lustrous velvets meet natural fiber blends and are woven with a high Scandinavian feel.

With over 70 collections in stock in their four warehouses across the world, they can process your purchase swiftly and dispatch it to you from a nearby location. Do you have any specific requests? To maintain the short lead time, they apply treatments, backings, and laminations at their own neighboring facilities.

Create Fabrics

Create Fabrics, is a fabric supplier in UK, was founded in response to a need for novel fabrics from a reputable fabric supplier. Their team is driven by a desire to introduce fabrics to the market that are different in texture and bolder in design. They feel there are no limits when it comes to presenting new fabrics; buying fabrics is an addiction! They get ideas for our fabrics by traveling and visiting mills all around the world. That’s why we have such a large selection of fabrics and vinyls; whether you’re looking for a basic cloth or a patterned velvet, Create Fabrics has it all!

Glover Bros

Glover Bros. is a fabric supplier of upholstery and soft furnishings. Reupholsterers, furniture manufacturers, contract furnishers; antique restorers, cabinet makers; vehicle and marine trimmers; soft furnishers, loose cover makers, curtain fitters and designers; a range of stores; colleges and schools; and a variety of shops are among the companies they sell to. 

Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Yorkshire’s visionary curators traverse the world in search of the thousands of fabrics they proudly display. They boast one of the most complete collections of fabrics available under one roof, with everything from textured chenille plains to tribal patchworks and velvet animal designs.

They also have tools to assist you in creating your own mood board, as well as having fun and experimenting with color, pattern, and print combinations. If you prefer to buy something bespoke but already produced, they may do that as well. At the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, artisanal craftsmanship meets contemporary elegance.

Ross Fabrics

Ross Fabrics Supplier offers a wide choice of upholstery fabrics that are made to the highest standards utilizing the most cutting-edge yarns and processes available. Ross Fabrics is a national and international distributor of exclusively designed upholstery fabrics such as chenille, flat weaves, and velvets in a wide range of colors and styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.

Our well-trained personnel will ensure that your order receives the kind of service that you would expect from one of the country’s best upholstery fabric producers to the furniture industry from the time you place it until it is dispatched.

Whaleys Bradford Fabrics

Whaleys fabric supplier a large selection of textiles that are ideal for covering any type of furniture. Whether you want a modern or traditional style, Whaleys has a fabric for you. Cushion covers are another area where Whaleys upholstery textiles can be used. Even the discount upholstery fabric Whaleys sells is of the greatest quality, and these little additions in a space may make all the difference.

Ada Ina UK

Ada & Ina Natural Fabrics has hand-selected the most stunning natural fabrics for curtains and upholstery from the world’s best mills. They feature an online range of high-quality natural curtain and upholstery linen textiles for both trade and retail consumers.

Ada & Ina Natural Fabrics has a user-friendly website where you may get custom-made curtains and shutters. They also sell bedding in a variety of wonderful colors, as well as aprons and towels, as well as curtain poles and tracks.

Loome Fabrics

Loome Fabrics does not follow trends; instead, they seek to provide inspiring designs from all eras. Fabrics from every significant design era, as well as from most of the main historical designers, are their specialty. They are rarely beaten when it comes to constructing or re-creating a period design. They can print almost any historical cloth for you, re-imagining old patterns and duplicating prior designs on a bespoke or short-run basis.

The Millshop online

The Millshop is known for its curtain and upholstery fabrics. They spend a lot of time interacting with fabric mills and weavers in the UK, Europe, and around the world. Their goal is to stand out by carefully sourcing one-of-a-kind textiles and goods. Meanwhile, grab a cup of coffee and spend 20 minutes reading the website, where hopefully one of their great fabrics will catch your eye. Keep in mind that you may always request free fabric samples to be delivered to you.

Independent Upholstery

Independent Upholstery’s fabric store now has over 2000 fabric options, all of which are available immediately from stock. Approximately 250,000 meters of cloth are kept on hand at all times in the massive 16,000 square foot warehouse. There are various variations to pick from, including self-colored, floral, stripes, and checks, as well as conventional styles and the most up-to-date design and hues.

London Fabric Company

One of the greatest fabric shops in the UK for designer upholstery fabric is London Fabric Company. They carry a large selection of upholstery fabric from all of the top designer fabric manufacturers. Infinite upholstery fabric styles, rich textures, and a wide range of enticing colors are available.

London Fabric Company has united all of the soft and soothing elegance of linens, the polished shine of polyester, the exquisite jacquards, and the opulent brightness of silk fabric for curtains under one roof for your convenience.


Sometimes you just have a vision for the perfect piece of furniture (or drapes, or cushions), but no matter how hard you look, you can’t seem to find it. Buying fabric from fabric suppliers and developing your own designs—or updating and improving old ones—becomes the finest option in certain situations, whether you’re crafty and ready to make it yourself or plan to have a pro do it for you. But there’s good news if you don’t have time or can’t go to a fabric store near you: ordering from sofa fabric supplier is actually very simple; you just need to know where to look.