Sunday Oct 01, 2023

Snarky remarks about ‘spandex’ are unfair to Legacy Trail bike riders

Roger Morton

I must respond to the April 8 guest column in which the writer questioned the “veracity” of my Jan. 22 column on the use and abuse of the Legacy Trail by electric vehicles. It was a nice, four-syllable-word way of calling me a liar.

It pains me to have to defend my integrity, but during a newspaper career of more than 50 years – one that saw me hold the role of senior editor at numerous daily newspapers – my veracity was never questioned. And my veracity should not be questioned now.

The writer’s specific contention was that I could not have caught up to the two high-speed electric machines I referenced because I was going 10 to 12 mph and they were claiming to be traveling 29 or 30 mph. As my column clearly stated, the riders of those electric machines had stopped by the side of the trail to compare notes on their speed. Obviously, it’s easy to catch up to riders who have stopped riding.


The writer also ridiculed my observation that it was sad to see a young girl without a helmet riding an electric machine that was tricked out to resemble a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He wrote that any decision to let children go without helmets is “on the parents” and “really none of our business.”

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