Monday Oct 02, 2023

self-propelled hybrid machine for the removal of grassy residues

Eco-Clean is a self-propelled hybrid trimming machine for the removal of grassy residues. It was designed to minimize the impact on the working environment as well as management costs. The machine can work both in full-electric and hybrid mode. Dari Ecomeccanica patented this solution, which was presented at EIMA in Bologna in October 2021.

“Eco-Clean is a self-propelled hybrid machine that can work both in greenhouses and open fields. What is more, thanks to its compactness and streamlined design (not too high from the ground), it can also be used in polytunnels with limited space. This machine introduces a lot of technical innovations, so much so that two patents have been deposited: one for the powertrain and one for the suction system (patent numbers 202020000006112 and 102021000020717 respectively),” explain the owners of Dari Ecomeccanica, an innovative startup located in Eboli (SA).

Eco Clean is the first hybrid trimmer that makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions and use less fuel for a more sustainable management. 

“There are multiple advantages: first of all, the low emissions, plus it can can be used in all types of greenhouses, even polytunnels.” 

The machine powertrain is hybrid, i.e. the endothermic engine is coupled with two electric generators that enable a considerable overall power.

The suction was designed to maximize the work cycle and, most of all, enable the machine to fit into narrow environments (e.g. polytunnels).

“What is more, the machine ergonomics have been exalted by a comfortable driving seat and control unit that provide operators with a full view of the field. Another advantage is the possibility of working in full electric mode and have a very low fuel consumption that saves 50% of energy compared with classic hydraulic machines. The steering makes it possible to speed up alignment between rows.”

The new hybrid system patented by Dari Ecomeccanica derives from the company’s mission of providing innovative technologies for horticulture with low CO2 emissions and a minimum impact on the environment. Dari machines are in fact equipped with full electric traction and drive – the absence of the hydraulic system leads to healthier harvesting and safer produce.

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