GLBT AMERICA Home Decor Rebranding Puts a Fresh Shine on the Linon Home Decor, Powell Home Fashions Brands

Rebranding Puts a Fresh Shine on the Linon Home Decor, Powell Home Fashions Brands


Linon Home Decor and Powell Home Fashions have recently rebranded to better communicate their strengths to a generation of consumers that is coming into its own.

The new Linon logo is brighter, gentler and more to the point with the Home Decor part of the name now incorporated within the circling “swoosh” graphics. The new font adopted has an up-to-date, clean look. The revamped logo, in total, incorporates the frank presentation of the brand fans have come to expect but with a fresh style that has a greater appeal to younger consumers, one that is more open and eye-catching, and tailor-made for social media.


The color scheme ensures the logo is distinct but in a background that itself makes a statement in rich, vivid colors about brand value and integrity. Secondary colors are fashionable, breezy and inviting.


The core patterns developed to accompany and enhance logo presentations have a modern, minimal look with a charming simplicity that still suggests the breadth and depth of the brand in fact and over time. Patterns used in consumer-facing roles, in particular social media, are pumped up variations designed to be fun, young and welcoming.


For Powel Home Furnishings, the branding had to evolve and properly represent its merits for both long-standing customers and those who are turning to the caliber of product the Powell name represents. In the updated logo, the Powell name as rendered is more open and robust while the square integrated with it has softer curved corners that convey a friendly, comfortable quality.


Navy is the core brand color and suggests the classic consistency that’s at the heart of the Powell product line, but monochrome and softer variations further convey the comfort the brand’s products afford. Secondary colors are a spicy allusion to Powell’s enthusiasm for stimulating fashion. Patterns reflect Powell’s ability to turn things askew in creating fresh designs, being a version of the logo square tilted sideways. In the social media context, colors and graphics lean toward the brighter palette of the secondary colors while patterns take on a more energetic quality and even consist of masked photography.


The rebranding of Linon and Powell establishes an attractive and compelling proposition for today’s home furnishings industry as well as the consumer shopping online and browsing social media. At the same, the brands retain a shared heritage of expressing the core values of style, value and diligence in understanding and responding to evolving home fashion. The home furnishings industry has seen comprehensive change over the past few decades, and Linon Home Decor Products has thrived on its ability to adapt as business and style developments have created new opportunities, and the company is doing it again with the Linon/Powell rebranding initiatives.


“Throughout its history, Linon has been able to understand how the market is developing and adapting,” said Demetrios “Jim” Ziosis, Linon Home Decor Products CEO. “With our fresh new branding update and new logos, we’re ready for a new era as new consumers enter the marketplace and tastes evolve.”



About Powell Home Fashions

For decades, Powell Home Fashion has continued to develop outstanding accent, occasional, dining and youth case goods, emphasizing fine craftsmanship across the entire product range. A transitional brand that stays a step ahead of trends across all style categories, Powell exercises a constantly superior level of quality control. For more information, visit



About Linon Home Decor

The Linon Home Decor brand stands for a family owned business that has a 50-year reputation for great style at great prices. Linon products are stylish, trendy and suitable for the young in body or spirit or both. For more information, visit



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