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Puls survey of technicians reveals that 70% of repairs are on appliances less than five years old

LIVERMORE, Calif., Jan. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Puls Technologies, the leading on-demand home repair service platform, revealed today that 70% of repairs carried out by Puls technicians are on appliances five years old or younger, suggesting appliances that should last 10+ years are breaking down much earlier than expected. The survey also revealed that the most common reason for these premature breakdowns is the owner’s abuse and negligence.

“Our survey of technicians paints a shocking picture of home appliances breaking down much earlier in their lifespan than would be expected,” Gabi Peles, CEO and Founder of Puls. “With this data in hand, we are seeking, firstly, to educate consumers about basic steps they can take to extend the lifetime of their appliances by avoiding common bad practices and teaching simple maintenance skills. Secondly, when an appliance does ultimately break down, we offer protection plans that can save consumers up to $1,000 on a repair.”

The survey also uncovered that in almost 90% of their visits repairing an appliance would be more cost-efficient than replacing it. However, nearly a quarter of respondents stated that at least 30% of repairs they are called for could’ve been solved by the homeowners. These findings highlight a dual truth: Homeowners must be better educated about their appliances while also having a home warranty plan in place for when self-repair is not possible.

Some additional insights from the survey showed that 51% of technicians named refrigerators as the hardest appliance to fix, while 79% agree that dryers are the easiest. Another interesting insight from the survey disclosed that the appliance that breaks the most often is washing machines (41%) followed by dryers (38%) and that almost 40% of technicians listed the most common cause of washing machine malfunction is due to overloading each cycle, and the most prevalent issue for refrigerators (50%) is a lack of maintenance. The survey analyzed responses from over 80 appliance repair technicians, with 39.5% of the respondents having over 10 years of experience. You can see the Appliance Repair Report here.

About Puls

Puls Technologies offers Home Appliance warranty and on-demand home repair service solutions across the U.S. Using predictive algorithms and data-driven technology, Puls supplies home appliance services by connecting customers with highly skilled and vetted technicians, providing quick and efficient services within 1-2 days of the request. Offering TV mounting assistance, home appliance repair, handyman services, smart home installation, garage door repair, and plumbing services, Puls aims to make quality installations and repairs effortless, to ensure customer satisfaction.

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