Monday Sep 25, 2023

NestSet Curates Designer-Approved Accessory Bundles for Your Home

Searching for ways to elevate your coffee table setup but stuck on sourcing the right vignette of items? Enter: NestSet! The brand immediately refreshes areas in your home with thoughtfully curated decor bundles. Co-founders Karen Sevillia and Blair Buckley Salon conceptualized NestSet to bring homes to life and make them personal. Shoppers can find accessories for sofas, bookshelves, coffee tables, and even adorable decorative accents for babies, all bundled into groups that are guaranteed to look good together.

“Many, including interior designers, felt overwhelmed, were not sure where to begin finding pieces and were afraid to pull items together,” the founders tell House Beautiful. “This is how NestSet was born. We find, pre-style, and ship everything to you so you don’t have to deal with the stress of accessorizing.”

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coffee table books candles


Every season the brand’s designers travel to markets and artisan boutiques around the world to hand-select gorgeous home accessories. Each bundle is edited and styled by aesthetic so whether your home veers more bohemian or you’re a stickler for clean modern, there’s a set for you! The accents easily add moments of interest wherever you set them. “When selecting and curating, our designers take into account price point, functionality, seasonality, and trends so that our clients can add an item or two or completely refresh each season,” the duo explains. Prices range from $19 to $309, allowing shoppers to customize how many items they’re seeking per set.

Hidden Valley Bookshelf Bundle

Opening the high-quality decor bundles is an absolute delight—the items feel as if you just scored amazing finds from your favorite home decor store. Decorative trays, candles, vases, throw pillows—NestSet has them all! NestSet takes out the stress and guesswork of styling your home. Give your home the refresh it deserves with these luxurious designer-approve decor bundles.

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