GLBT AMERICA maintenance Kansas City’s Home Repair Program Opens Applications for 2022

Kansas City’s Home Repair Program Opens Applications for 2022


Robert Flores measures a piece of lumber while working on a deck repair for a resident on Dec. 17, 2021, in Kansas City, Kansas. Flores is chairman of Habitaciones Para Latinos Association (HPLA), an organization the makes free home repairs for those in need.

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Is your home due for a new roof or electrical work? Kansas City’s home repair program is offering homeowners in need the opportunity to address home repair projects they couldn’t otherwise afford.

Anyone who needs help with home repairs, such as roofs, water lines, drain lines, water heaters, electrical systems and accessibility issues and meet the income requirements set by the program should apply before June 3.

How does the program work?

Those who are eligible will be connected with a contractor authorized by the city. The contractor will then repair the areas of the house that are covered by the repair program, and the city will reimburse the contractor.

What kind of repairs can I get done?

The program focuses on repairs that involve plumbing, electrical systems, roofing and mobility issues. For example: Main water lines, water heater issues and sewer lines are all projects that this program can help you tackle.

If your roof is causing you problems, the city can help strip down the current roofing and install new roofing materials.

The city also partners with local social services organization, The Whole Person, to offer repairs and installations for accessibility purposes. So if a family member needs a wheelchair ramp installed, the program will work with The Whole Person to cover the costs of that project.

Any projects that don’t involve plumbing, electric, roofing or accessibility, will not be covered by the home repair program.

Who qualifies for the program?

The city’s 2022 Home Repair program is available specifically for single family homeowners who live in the property being repaired.

People who own duplexes, multi-family homes, apartments or own more than one residential property do not qualify for this program. People who have received home repair services from the city in the last five years also do not qualify for the 2022 home repair program.

The program is funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). To qualify, applicants must meet HUD’s income requirements, which is 80% or less of the median family income.

The income requirements vary depending on how many people live in the home. For a family of four, the income needs to be $77,450 or less. For a one person household, the income needs to be $54,250 or less, according to HUD’s income guidelines.

What will the application ask for?

  • The application will ask for proof of ownership of the home.

  • Proof of income, which could include two months of recent pay stubs or proof of social security benefits.

  • The applications will also ask for two months of bank statements.

Any application that is not complete, won’t be considered during this application cycle, according to the city’s website.

How do I apply?

The easiest and fastest way to apply for the program is to complete an online application. Applications can also be picked up in-person at these four locations below:

  • City Hall, 414 E. 12th St., 19th Floor Lobby

  • Southeast Community Center, 3400 E. 63rd St.

  • Lucile H. Bluford Library, 3050 Prospect Ave.

  • Gregg/Klice Community Center, 1600 E. 17th Terr.

There is a drop off box on the 19th floor lobby of City Hall, where applications can be submitted in person.

What other resources are out there for home repairs?

Targeted City Home Repair Program

The city also has a Targeted City Home Repair Program, which offers assistance with repair projects. Residents who qualify can choose from two repairs to have covered by the program. Similar to the 2022 Home Repair Program, this targeted program covers plumbing, electrical systems and roofing. This program can also help with furnaces.

Applicants cannot receive services from both the Targeted Home Repair Program and the 2022 Home Repair Program. The city encourages people who live in a targeted home repair neighborhood, to apply for this program first. To be eligible for this program, applicants must live in the follow neighborhoods:

  • Key Coalition

  • Santa Fe

  • Boston Heights

  • Oak Park

  • South Roundtop

  • Ruskin

  • Marlborough

  • Blue Hills

  • Wendell Phillips

Applications for the Targeted Home Repair program are also due on June 3. To learn more about the program and its requirements, check here.

Paint Program

If you are in need of any assistance with the more cosmetic side of home maintenance, the city also offers up to $500 in free paint and supplies to homeowners who qualify.

There are no income requirements for the city’s Paint Program, but participants can only own one property, and they must live in it. People who own mobile homes, duplexes and multi-family units do not qualify for the program.

Applications for the Paint Program are open now and will remain open until funds are gone. To apply now, visit here.