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Interior Design Secrets To Help You Create A Beautiful Home

Although some people seem to have all the interior design secrets. The natural flair for design, and have an eye for exactly what is going to work in their home—or the home of someone else—when it comes to colour, style, even the pieces to use in terms of furniture or art. Others find this incredibly difficult. They might be able to appreciate the look that someone else has developed. But trying to do it themselves feels like an impossible task.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to work out exactly what is going to go where and how it will all link together. And it’s all about inspiration and guidance. If you have these things in place and you know where to look for the interior designs you need in your life, you’ll never need to worry again. You’ll always be able to create a beautiful home.

Read on to find out some of the biggest interior design secrets that will allow you to live in a gorgeous space.

Interior Design Secrets To Help You Create A Beautiful Home

Photo, Jasmina Rojko.

Use What You Have From the Existing Interior Design

Rather than trying to change absolutely everything about the room or entire property you’re hoping to update, it’s a far better idea to look at what’s already there and work with that. This means you don’t have to think of an entire room’s work of décor. Also, it will give you a head start on the design ideas you might be able to use.

If, for example, there is a large beam in the room, it’s far easier to keep that in place and design around it. Incorporating it into the design of the room. If it’s made of dark wood, for example, add other elements of dark wood to accentuate it. This is far easier and less expensive and time-consuming than attempting to remove the beam. (Assuming this can even be done due to structural concerns.)

By looking at the room you’re working on and taking note of anything that is already in existence, including beams, windows, antique fireplaces, brick walls, the placement of the doors, lighting, and so on, you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

Interior Design Secrets To Help You Create A Beautiful Home

Photo, Samantha Gades.

Simple Secret: Add To What’s There

As well as using what you already have and incorporating these items into the style and design of your room, you can enhance these items too. You might paint pipework, or add plaster mouldings to a window or install a new surround to a fireplace, for example.

Here, although you are changing the parts of the room that you have chosen to keep in place, you are still using their placement, shapes, and style to dictate the rest of the room. Adding to something that already exists is a fun way to look at your interior design, especially as you can try many different styles in advance to see what is going to work best, and then create the rest of the room’s style from there.

Interior Design Secrets To Help You Create A Beautiful Home

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In Interior Design, Everything Is Inspiration

Maybe you’re confronted with four blank, square walls and you don’t even know where to begin. This is where many people have problems. There is nothing to give them inspiration. And they don’t have any ideas to get started with. Even full-time interior designers would have problems in a room like this. And it’s their job to transform the dull and ordinary into something better and much more exciting.

The key thing to remember if you find yourself in this situation is that everything is an inspiration. From a memory of a hotel room you loved when you were on vacation to the look of the sunsets you saw when you were a volunteer in Sri Lanka to the way the cereal box you opened for breakfast reflected the early morning suns’ light to, well, anything.

If you start to look at things from a design point of view, you’ll soon see colour combinations that work perfectly, or materials that are unusual and exactly what the room requires, or anything else.

No matter what you need, the world around you, your memories, even remarks that people make that cause you to pause and think can be an inspiration. There is always something to see, and that means there is always something to use.

Helping You Create A Beautiful Home

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It’s Okay To Mix Old With New Design

You might be stuck in your interior design ideas because you have some old furniture to use. And you can’t source anything that works with it of a similar age. Retro furniture can be gorgeous. Especially when it has meaning or is unique. Yet it can cause designers big problems; trying to find older pieces that work with it is a difficult task.

The same is true if you have some brand new furniture but the style of the property is older. This quandary can cause many delays, giving you concerns over whether your ideas are any good or not.

It’s one of the most important interior design secrets. The secret being that it really doesn’t matter. An old, vintage coffee table surrounded by brand new couches is nothing to worry about and can look stunning when done in the right way. An ultra-modern design aesthetic in a centuries-old country house can look just right. This is the beauty of interior design. There are no rules.

You can mix old and new in any way you want to, and as long as it looks gorgeous (and is practical, something else that you must remember when designing the interior of your home), then it’s working. Trying to stick to rules that don’t exist isn’t good for you, the property, or your creativity.

Interior Design Secrets To Help You Create A Beautiful Home

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Use Technology In Your Interior Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference in your wonderfully designed room, and having the wrong kind of light can ruin the look completely. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what kind of lighting is going to work in the right way until the room is complete. By which time it might be too late, and you’ll need to start your search for the right light all over again.

Unless, of course, you utilise new technology when it comes to your lighting. If you do this, you can change the lighting on command (maybe even using voice commands), changing the intensity of the light, the brightness, and the colour. You’ll be able to create a different look in the room for many different occasions using just one lighting system.

Regarding your lighting, the light switches themselves can be a crucial design element. There are so many different styles that there is no longer any need to have the standard white plastic light switches that you’ll find all over the place. Use something that works with the room. Something that gives your overall effect a great finish.

Interior Design Secrets To Help You Create A Beautiful Home

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Don’t Forget the Interior Design of Small Spaces

Every part of your home needs to have beautiful interior design in it. If you miss one area it will really stand out when compared to all the rest. And that’s not something an interior designer is going to want. No one wants their undecorated spots to be noticed more than the rooms they worked in.

This is why it’s important not to forget these small spaces when you’re planning your theme and design elements. Hallways are a prime example of this; you might use them simply as methods of reaching one room from the next. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be incorporated into your design ideas as well.

Even the addition of some stylish wallpaper to make the walls more interesting can be enough. Especially if there is no room to add any furniture.

Although the hallways and similar areas might not be noticed when you include them in your designs, this is far better than having them stand out for the wrong reasons.

Follow Your Gut

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The Most Important Of All Interior Design Secrets? Follow Your Gut

Although it’s possible to learn many of the most important elements of interior design (and if you’re interested, this is certainly something you should consider doing, either through a specific course or by reading as much as you can about it), a lot of the time it’s about trusting your instincts and following your gut.

It’s where you find the true interior design secrets. This can come as something of a surprise. But remember, the main requirement of any kind of design is that the person who has to live with it loves it.

Is there anything about your design that you don’t like? Or that you have to justify being there? That you have to talk yourself into liking? Then it may be that it actually has no place in your home.

Even if you don’t think anyone else will enjoy your designs, if you love your ideas and you want to include this, that, or the other, then do it. If it makes you happy, you’ve fulfilled your design duties and your home will reflect your tastes and personality.

Interior design is a complicated subject. But the key to remember is that it is always possible. Even in the most uninspiring rooms there will be something you can do to make it beautiful and this is why it’s so exciting.

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