GLBT AMERICA Interior I’m an interior designer and there’s loads of ways you can style your home for a quick sell

I’m an interior designer and there’s loads of ways you can style your home for a quick sell

AN interior design expert has revealed the very easy ways you can style your home for a quick sell.

When you put your property on the market, you want it to stand out from the hundreds of others in the local area.

An interior design expert has revealed how you can easily achieve a marvelled show home finished look. Pictured, stock image


An interior design expert has revealed how you can easily achieve a marvelled show home finished look. Pictured, stock imageCredit: Getty

So, how do you make sure it ticks all the boxes for potential buyers?

Well, interior design expert Sam Baldry, who works at design-led furniture brand, Swoon, is on hand to help with all your home-selling headaches.

Here, he reveals to Fabulous a list of simple yet effective fool-proof ideas to secure that swift sale…

Colour coordination 

Whilst every room in your home doesn’t need to be the same colour, it’s a good idea to have an element of coordination throughout your abode to attract a buyer.

After all, a bright pink feature wall may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and a very dark-toned room can actually make a space seem smaller than it actually is.

So, when you’re looking to sell, it’s best to opt for a neutral colour palette that will avoid these issues.

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According to Sam, a soft colour palette inspired by nature – such as blues, greens and beiges – are all popular and viable, yet stylish, shade choices.  

“There are generally two things a potential buyer wishes for: a sense of space, and the ability to move straight in,” Sam explains.

“A fresh coat of paint can achieve both of these desires relatively easily, but it’s essential to stick to a light, airy, neutral tone. Now is not the time to get creative!”

“If you’re struggling to pick a colour, my advice is always stick with neutrals or white.”

“It’s fresh, clean-looking, and emanates ‘space’ – everyone can live with white.”

He adds: “Potential buyers find it easier to picture their own furniture and items in a home when they’re not hijacked by strong, bold colours.” 

Space race 

Sticking with the theme of space, if you’re selling your home, you need to think about the way you have decorated your rooms.

A queen size bed in an obviously single sized bedroom is off-putting, as it suggests the home doesn’t have sufficient space.

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Instead, it’d be much better to pair a single bed with an attractive bedside table, and a smaller chair, or some sophisticated shelving.

Conversely, if a king size bed fits into a room with ease, you might want to demonstrate to potential buyers that this is the case. 

Speaking of the way rooms are decorated, Sam comments: “I’d recommend leaving spaces as open as possible to interpretation.”

“It’s good for people to be able to visualise a room with their own furniture, and an overcrowded room inhibits this.”

He continues: “Consider using clever stylish storage solutions such as an ottoman bed, and a chic sideboard to help reduce unnecessary clutter. 

“If your room is small, make use of mirrors to give the illusion of space, and ensure windows aren’t too shielded by swathes of curtain fabric to let in the maximum amount of natural light.” 

Kitchens and Bathrooms 

There’s no denying that the kitchen is the most used room in any home, as it’s a place where we all tend to congregate.

It often doubles up as a playroom, a party space, a home office, and a TV room, so everyone has their own personal idea of how it should be arranged and decorated.

For this reason, views are divided on how much value a new or updated kitchen adds to a home when you’re about to sell it.

Potential buyers find it easier to picture their own furniture and items in a home when they’re not hijacked by strong, bold colours

Sam Baldryinterior design expert

Chances are, the new owners will want to put their own stamp on this space, so you may be better being more flexible on the sale price, rather than splashing out on a new kitchen. 

“Generally, unless people are buying a brand-new home, they expect to have to make changes to the kitchen and bathrooms,” Sam explains.

“So, my advice would be to give them a lick of paint at most, and make sure they remain clean and tidy.”

“All the usual tricks of opening windows and having perfectly placed bunches of flowers or house plants can work wonders in a kitchen, and as long as they look clean, and the cabinets aren’t falling off the walls, then they aren’t normally a barrier to sale.” 

Less is more 

Potential home hunters want to experience that “homely” feel, however this can be hard to achieve if your home is cluttered.

That’s where decluttering comes into play. 

Sam says: “Not only will a good ol’ tidy up make packing so much easier when it comes to moving homes, it also changes the whole vibe of a house, making it look bigger and lighter.

It’s important not to depersonalise here though – yes, make it tidy, but don’t turn your home into a museum!”

You may wish to pare down your book collection, or remove any excess family photos, but leave some houseplants and the odd nick nack on display to give that ‘lived-in’ vibe.”

He goes on to suggest that coordinating accessories is also an effective way to help a room seem organised, while still looking attractive.

However, there’s no need to break the bank with this inexpensive trick.

Sam comments: “Before potential buyers come for a viewing, simple tasks such as making sure the laundry bin is empty, and the bathroom towels are hung neatly can work wonders for the overall look and feel – don’t leave anything to chance!”

Let there be light 

Lighting can completely transform any space, but unflattering illumination can taint even the most stylish rooms, instantly.

Sam notes that here’s where a little thought and strategy goes a long way to a successful well-lit home. 

According to the interior designer, it’s essential to view each room within the home and decide on the lighting based on the mood you are aiming to cultivate.

If you’re looking to recreate natural light during the day, Sam suggests opting for cooler, soft bulbs is a must for the overhead.

However, as you move into the evening, he favours warmer-toned bulbs for your floor and desk lamps in your living room or home office.  

“Before your very first viewing, it’s important to review the lightbulbs you’re using,” he explains.

“Are they cold and harsh, or soft and atmospheric?”

“Warmer tones are naturally associated to cosiness, relaxation and winding down time, whereas fluorescent tones should be avoided as it subconsciously reminds people of clinical environments – stripping out all personality to any room.”

Heaven scent 

According to Sam, certain scents can stimulate feelings of positivity, while others can be off-putting – so, it’s essential you choose a fragrance for your home wisely.

He points out that if a potential home buyer comes to view your house in the morning, make sure the coffee pot is percolating and your bread is baking.

However, he says that an afternoon or evening viewing might warrant the lighting of candles – simple scents such as fresh linen, citrus, cinnamon, vanilla and lavender are popular choices.

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That’s because these are often associated with cleanliness, simultaneously creating a luxury and sophisticated feel and aroma.

From delicious scents to decluttering – all that’s left to do is put your listing live!