Monday Oct 02, 2023

How to work with your neighbors on yard issues

Low maintenance does not mean no maintenance.  This low maintenance landscape is an example of a natural landscape that is maintained with  beds, paths and mulch.

What can I do about the neighbors’ yard? They are just letting the yard go wild. There are snakes and other animals living there. The neighbors on the other side are spraying weed killer and the drift gets on my plants and kills them. The insecticide spray they use is killing my bees and butterflies. They won’t remove their tree whose limbs are damaging my roof. They filled the drainage swale and now my yard has much more standing water.

Master Gardener Volunteers get this question from both sides of the fence. With multiple descriptions of the problem the neighbors are causing, what is the right thing to do?

First, talk to the neighbors, they may not realize what they are doing is undesirable. Please use “I” language in your descriptions and not “you should.” Quote or use printouts of the University of Florida IFAS research to backup your request, if needed.

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