GLBT AMERICA Moving How to move Wine and Other Alcohol

How to move Wine and Other Alcohol

If you have wine and liquor to move, the important thing to do is to ensure that the bottles are properly packed, as the bottle can easily break if they aren’t properly packed. It requires proper planning and care to pack the bottles, and a minor carelessness can destroy all your collection before getting in to the new residence. Before start packing, check your inventory to make sure what you really want to keep, and if your plan is about long distance moving, then the better approach is to donate all your bottles that you don’t want to use anymore.

Another important thing is to get the right packing supplies or simply use the cardboard cell boxes that have cardboard dividers to separate the bottles. Get other supplies as well, including packing tape, shipping boxes, markers, and labeling cards.  Secure the bottom of the box by securing it with packing tape and wrap each bottle by adding the paper on a flat work surface. Tightly close the caps of all bottles and place a bottle to the corner of the top sheet of the paper. Wrap it with two to three sheets of paper and then wrap the ends into the roll as you go. Secure the wrapping by making sure there are no loose ends.

Now box up the wine and liquor bottles and don’t forget to add some paper on the bottom. Once the box is full, slightly shake it to check the if there is any movement in the box and if you observe that the bottles are moving continually than you have to add some newspaper in box to cover all blank spaces so they can securely reached in the moving journey. If you are still not sure how to manage things, contact State to state movers for further assistance.

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