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How to Install Weather Stripping on a Door

When it comes to the installation of weather stripping, the tools and materials you have to arrange includes Drill, Drill bit set, and drill drivers,Hacksaw, Hammer,Measuring tape, Marker, Scissors, Pliers,1 compression door jamb weatherstrip kit, 36-inch by 84-inch,1 vinyl kerf door jamb weatherstrip set, 36-inch by 84-inch and 1 door sweep.

First of all, you have to remove the old weather stripping and measure the left and right vertical distances of the door jamb. Measure the both sides and start cutting the kerf door jamb weather stripping with scissors. Press the weather stripping and measure the top horizontal section then cut the weather stripping to size.

Press the weather stripping into its place, and in case of 90-degree angles weather stripping, you have to cut the opposing ends at 45 degrees for a tighter fit. Install door weather stripping on the exterior by measuring the vertical distance between the door threshold and the door casing. Measure both sides by cutting two long strips and then use a hacksaw to cut the metal and use scissors to cut the attached vinyl weather stripping.

Place the hinge side strip on the door casing and compress it, then screw the strip into place. Repeat same process and measure the short horizontal strip from side to opposite side and press it against the door. Measure the width of the door and cut the metal part with the hacksaw. Finish it by snipping the soft part and close the door. Press the door sweep and center the screws in the door sweep’s slotted holes, and screw it into place. Test the door and if you observe any disturbance, visit Garage Door Suppliers Edison to speak with professional.

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