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Running your own home is a never-ending task of cleaning, repairs, and ongoing maintenance just to make sure it ticks over nicely and doesn’t fall into disrepair. To make things easier on yourself and to help keep your home in good working order then consider this list of home DIY maintenance jobs you can undertake just once a year.

Clean those hard to reach windows

Getting your windows cleaned is more than a yearly job, but there are some windows that don’t make for a year easy cleaning. Glass roofs, conservatories, and such. These windows typically get ignored or left behind in the regular clean. So once a year dedicate some time to cleaning the inside and outside of these hard-to-reach windows. It may be that you need to hire a professional window cleaner or service. 

Clean patios and decking

This is a great job to do in the springtime after the winter has taken its toll on the patio, getting it ready for the summer ahead. You can spruce up your decking and patios with a simple jet wash, re-stain fences, and sand down and paint any wooden furniture or decking, putting it in prime position to last the summer. Simple maintenance such as these will help to ensure the longevity of your patio, decking, and garden furniture. 

Service the boiler, water heater, or air conditioning unit

Keeping on top of these essential items working order may even be part of your insurance policy so it is a vital yearly check you will not want to miss. As these units age, they will need more maintenance and be subject to greater repair bills but this can be mitigated with high levels of ongoing maintenance. Read up on your manual and carry out any essential or recommended maintenance instructions that you can yourself. That said it be necessary to instruct the professionals to undertake a thorough service. Not only will this regular maintenance help ensure the longevity of these items but will help reduce the risk of you needing to call in professionals for a water heater repair in the depths of winter when you need it most. 

Gutters and roof checks

As the summer is drawing to an end and in preparation for the winter months it is a good idea to check your gutters. Ensure that the gutters are not full of leaves, moss, and debris that could cause sitting water or blockages. Blocked gutters could ultimately cause damage to the gutters and potentially your home. While you are checking your gutters, if you can, inspect your roof. Look out for any cracked or loose tiles. You want to ensure everything is water-tight for the winter. Should you notice anything that doesn’t look quite right or gives rise to concern then call the professionals out to better inspect and,t where necessary, repair the damage. The last thing you want is a faulty roof during the winter. 



Home Maintenance Jobs To Do Once A Year

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