Hammer & Heart provides home repairs for low-income residents

Mark Mullert has been doing the handyman thing for the past three years. He’s seen houses with debilitating damages, a problem all too common for low-income and older members of the Swannanoa Valley community. 

“A guy whose hot water heater had a leak and then had so much wood rot it had fallen through the floor,” Mullert said. “He hadn’t had hot water in five years.”

The plumbing in this house, coupled with a multitude of other issues, only made the other problems worse. Mullert said the man didn’t know how much it would cost to fix everything and was afraid to ask for help.

“He was flushing the toilet with a five gallon bucket. He had about 20 roof leaks with pots and pans and different things around,” Mullert said. “Most of the floor in the house had rotted out and he was walking from stud to stud.”