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Gutter Cleaner in Cardiff, Seers Support Services Invests £320,000 In New 37m Truck Mounted Cherry Picker

Seers Support Services Ltd

Seers Support Services Ltd

The leading gutter cleaning company is now able to access higher and difficult to reach gutters on clients’ buildings

Cardiff, UK, Feb. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Seers Support Services Ltd has invested £320,000 in a new 37m truck mounted cherry picker, which now makes it possible for its professional team to access higher and more difficult to reach gutters on clients’ buildings.

Since its inception, the high-level cleaning and exterior building cleaning company in Cardiff and South Wales has strived to raise the bar in providing cleaning services for its clients. Seers Support Services have made its mark with a wide range of clients including those in commercial, retail or industrial buildings. Their glowing reviews are a testament to the quality of cleaning services clients can expect from the company.

Seers Support Services Ltd, the leading name for exterior building cleaning in Cardiff and South Wales

Seers Support Services Ltd, the leading name for exterior building cleaning in Cardiff and South Wales

Seers Support Services Ltd

From housing association gutter cleaning to hospital gutter and fascia cleaning, warehouse cladding cleaning to apartment block render cleaning; the company has worked on a diverse range of products and delivered every single time in keeping with its clients’ expectations. The company has also become the one-stop solution for all types of exterior building cleaning that people in the area require.

That’s because it covers a broad spectrum of cleaning services including window cleaning, gutter cleaning, gutter repairs, roof cleaning, render cleaning, pressure washing, cladding cleaning, graffiti removal, and warehouse cleaning. Seers Gutter Cleaning Cardiff solutions in particular are widely recognized and called upon by clients, who want to make sure that their building’s gutters are kept free-flowing all through the year.

Those looking for annual gutter cleaning of their buildings or a one-off cleaning service for emergency blockages etc. can simply reach out at The team of experienced professionals will take the effort to understand clients’ requirements right from the word go. It helps them offer solutions that are best suited to their specific needs. They also get a free quote for the gutter cleaning services, which keeps the process transparent.

At the heart of the effective and reliable gutter cleaning services offered by the company is the state-of-the-art equipment that allows it to handle the task effortlessly. It has access to its own powered access equipment, which means it can complete the cleaning task in due time. It also means that clients don’t have to worry about any additional costs of hiring equipment from a third party.

Its truck-mounted platforms and cherry pickers have ensured that it can reach the upper floors of the tallest buildings, and its gutter vacuum system equipped with CCTV viewing technology makes it easy to get to those difficult-to-reach areas. The renowned cleaning company has also consistently invested in upgrading its equipment, like now where it has spent £320,000 on a new 37m truck mounted cherry picker to reach new heights, quite literally.

Efficient, committed to quality, best service, and affordable costs, is the go-to name for all exterior building cleaning services for clients in Cardiff and South Wales areas.

About Seers Support Services Ltd.

Seers Support Services Ltd, the leading name for exterior building cleaning in Cardiff and South Wales has made its mark with exceptional solutions and impeccable support that has ticked the right boxes for clients in the area.


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Seers Gutter Cleaning Cardiff

Seers Gutter Cleaning Cardiff


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