GLBT AMERICA cleaning service Free house cleaning for Kalamazoo-area cancer patients this week

Free house cleaning for Kalamazoo-area cancer patients this week

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — A residential cleaning company in Kalamazoo is donating its services to patients battling cancer for its third annual Cleaning for Cancer Week.

Jeannie Cleaning is offering free house cleaning through Friday to raise awareness about the nonprofit Cleaning for a Reason. Jeannie Cleaning is one of the nonprofit’s 30 statewide partners providing free cleaning services for people with cancer.

(Courtesy: Jeannie Cleaning)

“When people are facing a cancer diagnosis, they need help but they don’t know how to ask, and then the people around them, their loved ones, they want to help but they don’t even know where to start. And so Cleaning for a Reason gives people that opportunity,” said Jeannie Henderson, CEO of Jeannie Cleaning. 

Several other local companies will also offer free services and host fundraisers throughout the month, including Harbor Shores Cleaning Co., Sparkle & Shine Cleaning Services of West MI, Dazzle Cleaning Service, Calico Cleaning and Front Door Housekeeping. 

“We know that when our home is clean, it’s a calming space and it reduces stress and that’s what we hear from cancer patients. When they’re going through their treatment, the little things in life, the things that they take for granted, become very difficult to do,” Henderson explained. 

Though the Cleaning for Cancer initiative only runs for a week, Cleaning for a Reason provides free home cleaning services for cancer patients all year long. Since 2006, the nonprofit and its partners have provided free house cleaning for more than 43,000 cancer patients across the U.S. 
The program is open to any man, woman or child in active cancer treatment. You can fill out an application online for yourself or for someone you know undergoing treatment.