GLBT AMERICA Furniture Fendi Casa Debuts a New Line of Furniture in a Grand Roman Spectacle

Fendi Casa Debuts a New Line of Furniture in a Grand Roman Spectacle

We are at the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, an architectural icon of the 20th century in Rome and an exemplary model of this monumental neighborhood. It has been loved, praised and depicted by moviemakers from Rossellini to Antonioni, from Fellini to Greenaway. For some years, the “Square Colosseum”, as it is affectionately known locally, with its distinctively serried arches, has been home to Maison Fendi. Now the fashion house has decided to open eleven rooms and an outdoor area until 12 October next to present the new Fendi Casa collection. “It’s a more eclectic collection and certainly more aligned with our men’s and women’s collections, which I’d like to see in these new settings,” explains Silvia Venturini Fendi, Artistic Director of the unmistakable double F brand. “It’s all very organic and in harmony with our DNA, since product design is part of our identity.”

“In 1987,” Serge Brunschwig, the group’s President and CEO reminds us, “Fendi was the first fashion house to enter the world of product design with a Fendi Casa collection.”

The new line, Outdoor di Fendi Casa 2021, deisegned by Piero Lissoni, includes sofas and coffee tables made with bamboo canes.                                                                                                   


“The decision stemmed,” adds Silvia, “from the completely legitimate need of the women of my family to take the home to work, since they were rarely at home.”

“Today,” continues Brunschwig, “we are starting a new era for the brand with FF Design, an important partnership with Design Holding that will bring Fendi’s DNA even closer to the world of product design.” Under the banner of Made in Italy, this joint venture will merge Fendi’s fundamental values ​​of craftsmanship and creativity with the undisputed leadership of Design Holding in terms of product quality and know-how. Between the two groups, explains Daniel Lalonde, CEO of Design Holding, “A strong synergy sprang up immediately, perfectly aligned with quality, tradition and at the same time innovation.”

Then if it is true that, with the pandemic, the home has gained an even richer meaning and value, staying at home as well as living there has helped us rediscover its true value and that of its objects in everyday use. Because every object has a story to tell, one that serves for both stimulus and reflection. We move from room to room, where there is a succession of colours and forms, ideas and mix-and-matches that attract and surprise the viewer. But above all we find the authenticity, uniqueness and desirability that have always distinguished the Rome fashion house. “Our story,” Silvia points out, “tells of women who managed to make a space for themselves in a world dominated at that time by men with great resolve and sacrifices.” Women who managed to combine family and work, “the way my mother Anna did with her three daughters,” she adds.