Saturday Sep 23, 2023

Employees upset over bounced checks from Ralston-based apartment cleaning company

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The need for workers has been a headline during recovery from the pandemic.

One Omaha company with locations in three states found eager employees but got a shock when trying to cash paychecks.

When a Ralston-based apartment cleaning company closed without warning, Kim Martinez-Diaz discovered the payroll account had been cleaned out.

“For two weeks every day, I went to the bank to be told insufficient funds,” said Martinez-Diaz.

She’s not alone.

“Me and Jacob both worked for here and so we’re both supposed to be making income for A to Z Solutions and then to not to have checks for weeks on end,” said Brichelle Biering.

The company’s Marketing Director Brichelle Biering still has keys to the disheveled office and picked over warehouse.

“Probably 15 employees throughout the company that haven’t been paid or owed some type of money,” said Biering.

Kim says she worked 41 hours.

“I cleaned these apartments, I made money for this place, but they don’t want to pay me for getting them money. That’s wrong, that’s bad business,” said Martinez-Diaz.

A to Z Solutions had three locations but Omaha employees say only the Kansas City office is still operating.

Owner Brian Breazier claims customers like apartment complexes were not paying their cleaning bills. The marketing director saw about $50,000 worth of overdue notices.

The owner who lives in Kansas City sent an email saying all the assets for the Omaha office will be sold to cover back wages for employees. But that leaves the question is there enough to sell to cover payroll?

It is for Kim who got a cashier’s check to cash.

“These are my wages that I earned and I’m so glad to have them finally so I can pay some bills. With you coming down on him that kind of solidified it,” said Martinez-Diaz.

Vernice Brandt is another employee who received back wages.

“It lifted some of the weight off my shoulders. I’ll be able to live comfortably for a few weeks,” said Brandt.

That left the owner’s grandchild without coverage because Brichelle is his daughter. Several of Brian Breazier family members worked for A to Z Solutions.

“I think someone should investigate because where did all that money go?” said Biering.

A family business but employees say only one controlled the money and blood isn’t thicker than a bounced paycheck.

6 News asked the company owner when all employees will receive back wages and why health insurance premiums hadn’t been paid. But so far, no reply to our follow-up email.

Workers have filed complaints with the Nebraska Department of Labor and they’ve been told an investigation is underway. However, the state won’t confirm that.

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