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Dwellin Shows Homeowners Annual Home Maintenance Costs and Carbon Footprint in One, Easy-to-use Mobile App

Within 30 seconds of sign-up, mobile app Dwellin gives dashboard-style control over reducing home costs and carbon emissions free to U.S. homeowners

BOSTON, April 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dwellin Inc. today announced the first sustainable home mobile app to help U.S. homeowners tackle and reduce home maintenance costs, organize service pros, and make every home more environmentally sustainable. With people spending more time at home as a result of the pandemic, homeowners are looking for ways to control costs and preserve more of the environment for future generations.

Dwellin™ is the free, easy-to-use mobile app that helps U.S. home, apartment, condo, and townhouse owners estimate and reduce annual home maintenance costs and their home’s carbon footprint: the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted into the Earth’s atmosphere each year. Carbon emissions are one of the driving factors behind the global climate crisis, and contribute to rising temperatures and severe weather.

“EV manufacturers, governments, and businesses are all working toward net-zero carbon emissions to slow the global climate crisis,” said Santhana Krishnan, CEO of Dwellin Inc. “It’s time for homes to do their part. On Earth Day 2022, we’re helping U.S. homeowners live more sustainably with Dwellin, the easy-to-use, mobile app that provides a 360-degree view of home maintenance costs and carbon footprint, with steps homeowners can take to reduce both.”

How Dwellin Works

Within 30 seconds of sign-up, Dwellin’s AI-powered platform sources publicly available data about an address, including square footage and zip code, to estimate annual maintenance costs, home carbon emissions, a personalized home maintenance calendar, and a customized home appliance and asset tracker.

Homeowners can easily refine their costs, schedules, appliance and vehicle information, and share it with household members. Dwellin organizes all of a home’s information in one secure, mobile app with easy-to-use tabs:

  • Annual Maintenance Cost: The total annual home maintenance, utility, vehicle, and insurance costs for your home so you can plan and manage spending throughout the year.
  • Annual Carbon Footprint: Your home’s estimated annual CO2 emissions. Dwellin then provides steps your household can take to reduce carbon emissions, live more sustainably, and begin the journey toward net-zero home ownership.
  • Maintenance Calendar: Plan weekly, monthly, and annual home maintenance tasks; learn tips and hacks for DIY home maintenance; and organize service pros to get every job done.
  • Asset Tracker: Organize all home appliances, mechanical systems, and vehicles complete with owners manuals, maintenance schedules, insurance, and warranty information.

Climate Change Starts at Home

There are approximately 140 million households in the U.S., each dumping an average 48 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually into the Earth’s atmosphere. This has a direct effect on rising temperatures and myriad environmental changes including severe weather patterns. Mobile app Dwellin provides steps homeowners can take to reside more sustainably, reduce fossil fuel consumption, and decrease carbon emissions. With Dwellin, homeowners can begin the journey toward net-zero living, and capitalize on the one percent annual increase in home value that comes with having a well-maintained home.

About Dwellin
Dwellin Inc. is a sustainability company that helps U.S. homeowners tackle and reduce home maintenance costs and embrace sustainable living in one, easy-to-use mobile app. Within 30 seconds of sign-up, Dwellin’s AI-powered platform estimates annual home maintenance costs and carbon footprint, then shows homeowners steps they can take to reduce both. By 2030, Dwellin’s mission is to empower 10 million homeowners to reduce costs and carbon emissions. Dwellin is available free to U.S. residents in the App Store and Google Play with Invite Code: EARTHDAY. Dwellin Inc. is a net-zero company based in Boston. For more, visit

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