Monday Oct 02, 2023

coco plums, fire bush and saw palmetto

Q: My husband and I purchased a beautiful lot in Jensen Beach. It’s three-fourths of an acre with one-third held as a preserve. We are in the process of preparing to build our home on it, but we want to preserve as much of the beautiful trees that we can.  

We also want to have a large raised bed vegetable garden and multiple fruit trees. To that end, we will be clearing around the house and want to plant shrubs under the pines, palmettos and oaks on the parts we want to keep. I was wondering if you thought a combination of coco plums, fire bush and saw palmetto would do well and provide food for wildlife. Any suggestions would be welcomed. 

— Janice, via email 

A: Congratulations on your new home in paradise. I know you have a whole slew of professionals helping you develop the house and site. May I suggest you work with a landscape architect and maybe a horticulturist specializing in native habitats?

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