Saturday Sep 23, 2023

Coastal Grandmother Home Decor: Linens, Dishes, & More

Every so often, a fresh aesthetic begins to trend on social media. Whether it’s cottagecore or the familiar look of Danish pastels, TikTok has a knack for kickstarting trends and maintaining their relevance. One of the newer trends to join the mainstream? The coastal grandmother aesthetic, which was coined by TikTok user @lexnicoleta in a video from March 29. Since then, the hashtag #coastalgrandmother has amassed over 46 million views on the app.

The coastal grandmother aesthetic isn’t just about a look, but also about an overall vibe. Cue: Nat King Cole playing at a low volume in the background while you cook a dinner of spaghetti bolognese. Think wearing a white linen top and waltzing around the kitchen without so much as a drop of a sauce stain to disrupt the vibes. There might even be a calm, quiet beach just outside the sheer curtain panels. Regardless of your actual grandmother status and zip code, coastal grandmother is a mindset at its core. You can extend your thanks (by handwritten letter, of course) to every Nancy Meyers movie ever.

But how does one realistically manifest the coastal gran look in their own home without the Hamptons beach house? One of the key factors in embodying this coveted energy is your choice of home decor. Plush pillows, wicker baskets, and mood lighting are just few examples of essentials that will help you achieve the coastal grandmother look. If you’re in the mood to sway to Etta James in your cozy, newly decorated, all-beige living room this summer with a glass of iced tea in hand, here are some pieces that will transform your space into a seaside bungalow in no time.

But first, a peek into what being a coastal gran looks like, according to the trendsetter herself.

In this video, Nicoleta shares that items like fresh florals, blue and white kitchenware, and pops of lemon are all ways to achieve the aesthetic at home. (Further proof that coastal grans can exist anywhere.) Speaking practically, opt for blue and white items like vases for your cream-colored lilies and set out understated candles throughout your abode for toned down flickers of light.

Aside from thick-knit throws and seashell-inspired decor, growing up (and into coastal gran territory) means getting excited about matching dish sets, charcuterie boards, and decorative paper napkins. From bowls and salad plates to Lazy Susan-style charcuterie boards, hostessing has never been more of a breeze. Finish off with decorative napkins to show attention to detail for coastal grandma status.

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