GLBT AMERICA Manufacturing Big Thanks to Cement Manufacturers for Promoting Green Environment

Big Thanks to Cement Manufacturers for Promoting Green Environment

With the alarming situation of global warming, people are becoming more conscious about the environment. They are continuously striving for producing the green products in every industry. Like many other industries, the cement industry is also playing a vital role in the promotion of green environment. As we all know that the traditional methods of cement production release a very huge amount of carbon dioxide that gives a birth to pollution and other ecological problems in all over the world. That’s why; the world’s biggest manufacturers are introducing the several cutting-edge technologies for cement production.

Introduction of White Cement:

A big initiative step of this industry for saving the earth and the atmosphere is the advent of white cement. White cement is one of the fundamental ingredients in all types of construction, whether it is residential or commercial. It is a great value product that can be a great alternate of grey cement because of its outstanding aesthetic look and high reflectance features. It is completely Eco-friendly due to its advanced manufacturing process. This cement is manufactured from the heating limestone with the small quantities of various other top quality materials. The whiteness and undertone of this cement are being just because of primarily iron, manganese and metal oxides. The low content of iron oxide and iron sulfate in the limestone not only make it more durable and enduring, but also minimize the carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere. Therefore, the top cement manufacturing companies warmly encourage the green house building concept among people.

Uses of White Cement:

In the recent era, a lot of reputable manufacturers have replaced their traditional cement plants with the modern ones for producing the Eco-friendly white cement. The manufacturing procedure of white cement has been just similar to grey cement, even though the raw materials differ considerably. The demand of it is now on high raise in several countries because of its numerous applications. It is frequently used for the construction of innovative buildings, highways, bridges, skyscrapers, museums, spas and other public places. Aesthetic concrete, GFRC, Precast, mosaic tiles, cast stone, paving stone, street furniture, terrazzo and decorative products are the best known applications that are extensively used for conventional and modern architectural building projects. By using the white cement in wall rendering, people have no need to paint the walls of their homes and workplaces. It gives a perfect finishing touch to a property according to the choices and desires of its homeowner.

Current Situation:

White cement is now highly accepted and extensively used worldwide, because there are many companies manufacturing a large amount of white cement all over the world. These reputable cement manufacturers have the state-of-the-art cement plants in their native countries, as well as meeting the national and international quality standards for its production. In the recent years, cement plants also have made intensive efforts in the area of optimizing energy consumption and achieved a big success of bringing down the specific consumption of this industry. Egypt, Spain, Turkey, UAE and India come at the top in the list of the world’s largest producers of white cement. If we talk about the cement industry of the UAE, we can say that it has gained a great reputation in the world by producing a large capacity of white cement. According to the current statistics of the United States Geological Survey (USGS), cement production raised gradually in 2000-2005. In 2006, the production started to enhance more swiftly, and 2008 was the prominent year of the UAE when a boom was recorded in the industry. Since 2012, this industry has been continuously flourishing with the completion of Greenfield cement plant projects.

UAE Cement Industry:

Now, the UAE is considered as a home to 12 integrated cement plants, 17 cement manufacturing companies and eight cement grinding plants. The total cement production capacity of the UAE is about 39.84Mt per year, including the production capacity of the integrated cement plants and cement grinding plants that are 29Mt and 10.44Mt per year respectively. Moreover, the UAE also has become a famous exporter in the world, as UAE cement producing companies export their cement to more than 11 countries, including Oman, Ethiopia, Sudan, Iraq, Djibouti, Kuwait, Mozambique, Tanzania and many other Middle Eastern Countries. According to UAE cement, the cement manufacturers of UAE specialize in the production of both grey and white cement.

The total production capacity of white cement in UAE is about 1.20MT per year, which is gaining from the 2 large cement plants.The cement is also backed by the modern technology, highest quality raw materials and highly skilled manpower. So, it is Eco-friendly and highly energy-efficient in nature. It not only enhances the beauty, charm and elegance of a property or site, but also adds thousands value to it. Additionally, it also allows creating a hygienic and welcoming atmosphere in residences and work spaces.

Future of White Cement:

To discuss the future of white cement, it is important to talk about that well renowned cement manufacturers now ensure the green production of the cement that is safe for mankind and the atmosphere. They are continuously striving for development of products with top quality and perfection through their pioneering research and development. They also believe in the principal of product determined by the market needs, as they also guarantee the highest quality packing of the cement. Accordingly, white cement is becoming more and more essential in the production of various decorative that are widely used in the construction and renovation of domestic and commercial properties.

By taking the wonderful steps and modifications in the cement production, the cost of white cement has also become economical. And fortunately, the demand of white cement is growing day by day in both elite and middle class, which have enjoyed wide buying power in the current years. Therefore, cement suppliers also feel satisfied for selling the white cement products and also expect increased demand for white cement in coming years. These are some initiatives that have been taken by the UAE cement manufacturers, but the green journey has just started and we hope to see more initiatives of the cement industry in the future.

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