GLBT AMERICA Furniture Best bedroom furniture from the Wallpaper* Design Awards

Best bedroom furniture from the Wallpaper* Design Awards

Best Quiet Space: blissful bedroom furniture from the Wallpaper* Design Awards

All is cool, calm and collected: our edit of best bedroom furniture includes Marcio Kogan’s bed for Minotti, as well as furniture by Potocco, Bernhardt, Giorgetti and Poliform

In the past couple of years, we’ve all realised the importance of a quiet place, where you can rest and recuperate with the door safely shut on the world. And it was with this in mind that we selected this round-up of blissful bedroom furniture.

Your peaceful haven must have a bed, of course, and we’re particularly fond of Marcio Kogan’s ‘Brasilia’ bed, which comes with an enveloping Canaletto walnut headboard and tiny legs supporting a large, wide base that seems to magically float away from reality. 

Further cushioning from the outside world is provided by the ‘Wave’ acoustic panels, a collaboration between fabric experts Rubelli and Milanese acoustic-panel specialist Slalom. Thanks to its lightweight foam structure (made for the most part of recycled material), the soundproofing system’s undulating elements can be easily installed using Velcro. 

Another essential piece is the nautically inspired ‘Keel’ chair, a linear metal and solid ash wood design by M+V for Friuli-based furniture manufacturer Potocco. It’s part of a collection exploring the relationship between geometric rigour and organic sinuosity.

The equally slender ‘Bassa’ side table by Claudia Surrage and Christian Cowper for Bernhardt Design is supported by a trio of thin metal legs, while its top comes in stainless steel, brass, or solid ash. 

Carlo Colombo’s ‘Shirley’ mirror for Giorgetti is another worthy winner among our pick of the best bedroom furniture. Its defining feature is a leather-clad metal frame that recalls an elegant ribbon running along the rectangular mirror in extra-clear glass, with titanium-finish liquid metal effect.

Helping provide even more comforting curves is Emmanuel Gallina’s elliptical ‘Symphony’ sideboard for Poliform. Beautifully finished in black elm or gold oak, it is available in a variety of heights and sizes, and with either marble or wooden tops. Lighting-wise, we’ve selected Rikke Frost’s ‘Petal’ lamp for Carl Hansen & Søn, and Bocci’s ‘100’ pendant light for their soft, cosy feel. The former is based on the shape of a tree, as well as big architectural arches and columns, while the latter is a highly technical marvel of irregular, interlocking blown-glass shapes. Sleep well! §