GLBT AMERICA Business Automate your monthly payments with QR codes for utility bills

Automate your monthly payments with QR codes for utility bills

 Public utilities include electricity, water, energy, natural gas, rubbish collection, and sewer services. They are fundamental and necessary for a country’s economy to run properly.

Utility QR codes are QR code solutions that can be used to improve efficiency and streamline processes in the sector.

Make use of the versatility of QR codes by using a free QR code generator online to make bills payment easier, and avail of special offers.

QR Codes in utility bills payment best use cases

To improve the consumer experience

Everyone wants to make monthly bills payment a lot faster, and QR codes have greatly improved this process.

In the United Kingdom, energy suppliers have included a QR Code on consumer energy bills.

This QR Code allows them to keep track of their energy consumption, and even help assist them in changing suppliers.

Customers can track their gas and electricity bills by scanning the QR Code with their smartphone.

Furthermore, they can obtain statistics on comparison outcomes among multiple vendors.

QR codes for easier communication

Contact information for public utilities is typically included on invoices or promotional materials such as fliers or brochures. Customers must, however, make the effort of manually entering the contact information into their phonebook.

By generating a vCard QR code, you may help clients save your contact information a lot easier. Customers will be prompted to ‘Save as contact’ after scanning.

One of the best examples is Sootless Energy, a solar energy installation in Tamil Nadu, India, employs QR Codes for this purpose.

QR codes to deliver on-the-spot instructions

Video QR codes can be linked to operational sites such as power stations. Place these QR codes in various locations around the workplace. This ensures worker safety and eliminates the possibility of accidents.

Cambrian College in Ontario employs QR Codes to direct workers to training films on electrical equipment. The QR Codes are placed on the lab’s equipment.

Scanners can provide workers with useful information, such as how to calibrate a piece of equipment. As a result, accidents have been greatly reduced because of the efficiency of QR codes.

QR codes to assist with bills payment

QR code-based mobile payments are quite common these days. QR Codes were used to obtain over 1.7 billion coupons in 2017.

This high figure is due to quick, secure, and dependable QR Code-based transactions.

As a result, it comes as no surprise that utility providers are utilizing QR Codes to expedite bill payments. Large public utility companies are now including QR Codes on their bills as another payment option for customers who are on-the-go.

Using QR codes, you may streamline and optimize your operations for providing utility services to your customers.

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