Monday Oct 02, 2023

Atlas Copco takes customers’ carbon footprints to a new low with the ultra-efficient portable E-Air VSD electric compressor

Atlas Copco is once again on top of the energy-efficiency game with the development of the new advanced portable E-AIR VSD electric compressor range. Incorporating Variable Speed Drive (VSD), these machines deliver all the benefits of quality air without the emissions of a diesel-driven machine. These emission-free, silent, efficient, versatile, and reliable compressors offer a sustainable solution for a cleaner environment.

This remarkable electric machine presents the most efficient solution for sites that are connected to the grid. The electric compressor is essentially the emission-free version of a diesel air compressor, and much more affordable to operate. End-users can save up to 65% just on fuel alone!

The evidence of global warming is becoming increasingly apparent with recent floods in KwaZulu-Natal, heat waves in India and the USA, and even a rare tornado in Germany. The electric air compressor innovation aligns with Atlas Copco’s narrative of contributing towards a cleaner environment by following science-based targeting with respect to emission reductions and global warming. Atlas Copco’s multi-layered environmental approach is both outward- and inward-looking. Atlas Copco assist’s their customers in sustainably achieving their decarbonising goals by focusing on the development of zero or low emission products that operate ultra-efficiently. At the same time, they look at shrinking their own carbon footprint by ‘greening’ our production facilities and processes, ensuring that they adhere to all environmental regulations. The E-AIR fits perfectly with Power Technique’s forward-thinking philosophy of creating customer value by anticipating and exceeding their future needs while applying Atlas Copco’s environmental principles.

A big value add for customers is cost of ownership and unsurprisingly, the E-AIR VSD is best-in-class, owing to high performance, unrivalled energy efficiency, ease of use and low maintenance. However VSD technology rightfully claims a leading role here too.

Maintenance is another area where the E-Air VSD electric compressors deliver significant savings. In addition to fewer parts, service intervals are every 2000 hours/2 years instead of every 500 hours, boosting uptime fourfold.


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The E-Air VSD compressors can operate and connect anywhere where there is electric power. Silent operation (noise level as low as 61 Db(A)) and no emissions make these electric compressors highly suited for use in low emission, underground, indoor and closed-off zones such as tunnels. These compact, low weight machines can be easily towed to and maneuvered around the jobsite. Once plugged in and the pressure is set, the E-Air produces quality compressed air to efficiently drive a range of pneumatic equipment.

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