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ASU’s online graduate engineering programs ranked among the nation’s best

January 25, 2022

Students in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University are earning their degrees from one of the top online engineering programs in the country, according to the latest rankings by the U.S. News & World Report.

Ranked No. 12 overall for best online engineering master’s program, the Fulton Schools of Engineering continues to offer high quality education for remote learners around the world.
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Online graduate programs in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University have been ranked No. 12 overall by U.S. News & World Report. Three specialty areas also earned high rankings — electrical engineering (No. 2), engineering management (No. 2) and industrial engineering (No. 4). The Fulton Schools were ranked No. 9 in best online engineering graduate programs for veterans.

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“These rankings are a testament to the quality engineering programs we provide to students around the world. We are committed to doing our part to help sustain the pace, rigor and scale of engineering and technology innovation,” said Kyle Squires, dean of the Fulton Schools of Engineering and ASU’s vice provost of engineering, computing and technology.

“Keeping in mind the needs of both industry and the individual, we have created distance learning programs that prepare every student to excel in a rapidly changing society and immediately begin making an impact right in their own communities,” he said.

Among the online engineering specialty rankings, three ASU Fulton Schools programs earned top five spots:

  • No. 2, electrical engineering. The online delivery of the electrical engineering master’s degree program remains among the country’s most highly ranked, offering students the ability to gain expertise in areas from power systems to signal processing.
  • No. 2, engineering management. Remote learners in the online engineering management master’s degree program learn the principles of engineering science and design while gaining insights into organizational management and business administration.
  • No. 4, industrial engineering. Industrial engineering online students apply their knowledge of industrial statistics and quality engineering, applied operations research, production and supply chain logistics, and enterprise information systems to explore and design efficient manufacturing and service environments.

The climb in these particular specialty areas closely aligns with the Fulton Schools’ focus on key initiatives that drive impact, innovation and economic development. ASU’s electrical engineers are at the center of a worldwide technology revolution that is advancing new energy materials and helping bring new device technologies. Meanwhile, engineering management and industrial engineering researchers are preparing students to keep pace with the rapidly changing talent needs, business practices and solutions that globalization, increased complexity and rapid technological innovation demand.

Along with conducting use-inspired research, Fulton Schools faculty bring broad industry experience into their classrooms, offering unique value and opportunities for collaborative learning to every student they teach — whether in person or online. And because remote learners are engaged with the same award-winning faculty as in-person students, online students have the same access to instruction in ever-expanding engineering and technology fields.

“The innovative approaches adopted by our faculty in delivering programs in digitally immersed formats also benefit our campus immersion programs, and in turn provide important evidence of the continuing convergence of our teaching modalities,” Squires said.

U.S. News also ranked ASU as No. 9 in best online engineering programs for veterans. Veterans and active-duty military members are often equipped with a range of skills, qualities and transferable technical training that makes them a natural fit for engineering disciplines. The Fulton Schools fosters an environment that welcomes and empowers the veteran community to attain academic and personal success as they pursue careers after their military service.

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