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As Omicron Cases Increase, Businesses Opt for Professional Covid Cleaning

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SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, December 30, 2021 / — Businesses can contact Clean Group for Expert Covid Cleaning and Certification in Sydney

Clean Group is a commercial-based cleaning company that provides services across Sydney. The firm has recently announced that they are providing a complete range of COVID sanitizing, cleaning, and disinfection as well. This cleaning company also issue certificates that confirm that certain property has been cleaned due to this pandemic and are safe for further purpose.

As per the current scenario, COVID has not gone yet, it is still influencing business across the globe. This is why SWA ( Safe Work Australia) has published guidelines for finer cleaning and healthier hygiene methods. It has been claimed by Safe Work Australia (SWA) that disinfectant fogging is not the exact way for normal COVID cleaning. Thus, Clean Group utilizes the Electrostatic Disinfection process for commercial disinfection along with sanitization. This process indulges the utilization of an electrostatic spray machine along with TGA – approved disinfectant chemicals for the purpose of high-traffic areas and surfaces.

Clean Group offers certification along with a cleaners’ checklist

This company tends to become one of the first companies with a Covid cleaning checklist and certification across Sydney. Clean Group company owner said that the kind of services the company provides will help the businesses to get instant approval from the health department, so that the industries, warehouses, showrooms are able to reopen in safe and germ-free surroundings. Because the company does not only clean the areas that have come under Covid infections but also intensely clean and disinfect all the high-traffic areas and touchpoints across the premises.

There are many companies that charge a huge amount for a task like disinfection fogging which is not even a recommended process for Covid cleaning. However, this Clean Group is comparatively, economical which means, by doing all the works similarly it does not charge for a heavy amount. Therefore, it is more important to get cleaning services from a reputed Covid cleaning-based company that gives the proper solution.

Why Clean Group is the best company for covid cleaning in Sydney

Clean Group is one of the award-winning commercial cleaning companies. The company has all the highly-trained staff who are specially trained for this situation. The trained Covid cleaning and disinfection experts have been doing this for years in this cleaning of construction sites, offices, and other commercial properties. These cleaners are experts as they have the finest eye to easily recognize the germs or similar like that in commercial places which never let them miss any certain corner while cleaning and disinfecting the client’s properties. Apart from deep cleaning overall areas and surfaces, they properly disinfect all the touchpoints and all touchpoints and regular interacted areas such as handles & knobs, switches, window sills, faucets, toilets, washbasins, doors, bathrooms, and more to offer a proper guarantee of safety from Covid.

Clean Group provides complete Covid decontamination & preventive COVID cleaning services

Clean Group provides complete Covid decontamination and preventive COVID cleaning services across the Sydney business. In the places where assured cases of Covid have been found, full Covid cleaning and decontamination are suggested to instant and effectively deal with the virus and control the infection unfurl at the earliest. However, in the places where covid infections have not been spread yet, Clean Group’s do basic Covid cleaning and disinfection service is the other way to safeguard for future infections.

The Clean Group services go through certain inspections to assure the cleaning requirement SWA guidance and the client’s anticipations as well.

Clean Group’s Virus cleaning service covers the premises with the cleaning procedure enabling it to eliminate up to 99.99 % of germs from surfaces – in the places where the probability is high – and protects the premises for the next time of reinfection. They take a specific sprayer machine to properly disinfect every corner and surface on the premises which indulge walls, floors, chairs, wardrobes, tables, sofa, keyboards, computers, and more providing a proper and high level of protection against the virus. While using this procedure the disinfectant chemical can itself shield the whole surface, killing the germs also in escaped places such as corners, behind the door handles, the backside of chair armrests, and under the furniture.

Clean Group offers expert COVID cleaning using trained professionals & cutting-edge technologies

Clean Group has highly skilled professionals who are serving their duties for many years across Australia. The staff is offered advanced technology and world-class resources such as equipment and protective gear which includes a PPE kit to provide proper Covid cleaning services efficiently. The businesses that are looking to disinfect their premises ahead of Covid can contact Clean Group. The firm offers excellent quality services at an affordable price. The Covid cleaning works include general cleaning, along with the proper disinfection of the whole place.

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