Sunday Oct 01, 2023

Aptia Engineering Releases Innovative Diamond Miner Technology for Botanical Processors

Thus far, most equipment providers have supplied craft producers with simplified vessels that are nothing more than quick assemblies of triclamp parts. These assemblies provide limited functionality, and can be very hazardous because many are not engineered to contain pressure.

Additionally, diamond miner vessels are not a complete system by themselves. Operators need to efficiently heat, cool, and mix materials in these vessels. Craft extract producers often need to operate 4-12 miners. Each miner requires up to five separate fluid connections, so this leads to messy tangles of hoses and spilled fluids if not continuously managed. A better overall solution was needed.

Aptia, with key input from expert craft producers, innovated a vastly improved solution to this problem. Aptia’s DMC platforms are designed for processors who need a better way to perform diamond miner processes at scale.

Key differentiators include:

  • Unique Diamond Miners with jackets, engineered pressure ratings, and bottom fill/drain valves
  • Novel Mixing and Condensing Caps that provide agitation and condense terpenes
  • Organized Diamond Miner Carts with tool-free mounting for up to eight miners
  • Organized plumbing manifolds neatly distribute heating media, cooling media, and compressed air to each miner
  • Dry-break quick disconnects allow tool and leak free removal of each miner

Streamlined operation is at the center of the DMC design. Each Diamond Miner can be added or removed from the stainless cart in seconds without tools. Utilities are instantly connected or disconnected via leak-free dry break quick disconnects. The cart sits on casters and can easily be moved.

The individual miners are jacketed, rated for 200 PSIG, and established as one of the safest and most robust miner options available.

The miners can be equipped with flat pressure caps with the essentials for those looking for simplicity. For those looking for agitation and terpene condensing capabilities, Aptia provides innovative Mixing & Condensing Caps. This option can dramatically speed up crystallization and decarb, as well as help preserve the terpene profile.

About Aptia Engineering

Aptia Engineering is a specialized engineering & manufacturing firm delivering process equipment that is powerful, efficient, and dependable.

Aptia’s unique “More than Metal” philosophy ensures that our clients receive application specific engineering and innovation, top quality project execution, and unrivaled pre-sale and post-sale technical services and support in the industry. Manufacturing success is built upon more than hardware.

Our industry leading processes include Hydrocarbon Extraction, Solvent Recovery, Winterization, Wiped Film Distillation, as well as custom solutions.

SOURCE Aptia Engineering

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