Monday Oct 02, 2023

A guide on how to find the best dual-zone wine cooler for your wine bottle collections

Searching for the best wine cooler to accommodate your requirement to store and cool your wine bottle collections properly might initially feel somewhat overwhelming. Thus, it is recommended to start your search online. In addition, there are many manufacturers and outlets, such as , to name just one of a mass, specialising in this unique field of wine fridge technology. However, it is important to invest in the correct dual zone wine cooler freestanding unit that would live up to your individual needs as an avid wine collector of red and white wine.

The advantages of owning a dual-zone wine cooler

After investing your hard-earned spending money on a glorious version of a wine fridge called a dual-zone wine fridge, you will be left gasping upon realising this special mechanism’s capabilities. Many wine lovers passionate about collecting and storing red and white wine would benefit from such a unique wine cooling unit. For example, a dual-zone wine cooler encompasses two different compartments, each offering two different temperature zones. Henceforth, one might be set to a warmer climate while the other to a cooler environment. The reason behind this remarkable feature is that red wine, for instance, needs a more cosy domain than white wine, which prefers a colder temperature to age properly. Therefore, many wine experts recommend that red wine needs a temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, whereas you can store white wine within a range of 45 – 65 degrees Celsius. However, some wine connoisseurs disagree with this and say that both wines can be optimally stored within the same temperature range.

The free-standing wine fridge

A free-standing wine fridge is a type of wine cooling unit that offers the same environmental factors but can be placed independently. For example, you can place a built-in wine fridge in tight spaces, such as a kitchen cabinet. A wine cabinet has a front ventilation system, where a free-standing version must be installed in a room with sufficient breathing space around the unit to prevent overheating. In addition, a free-standing wine cooler can also be constructed in such a way as to become a dual-zone wine cooling mechanism ultimately. You must take special care of a free-standing dual-zone wine fridge that can work optimally. For example, always situate it in a space without direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to such feverish warmth is a “silent wine killer” “silent wine killer” as it can mess with the precious molecules that make a good bottle of wine. Afterwards, a wine exposed to such extreme heat can lose all its aroma and taste and is only left with the potent smell of pure alcohol. Luckily, a wine fridge is equipped with a special layer of UV protection attached to its glass doors.

Other benefits of owning a free-standing dual-zone wine fridge

Many other beneficial components form part of the perfect environmental features needed within a wine fridge to ensure adequate solutions for storing wine collections in a wine fridge.

Humidity also plays an important part. If the humidity is below 50%, the corks will dry out, allowing the oxidation process. Thus, the correct setting must be at a steady level of 70%. In addition, an LED light is attached inside to allow the wine drinker a clearer view of their collection and keep the wine away from fluorescent lighting that radiates their heat. In conclusion, however, by which way you look at it, all collectors of wine can take satisfaction in owning a wine fridge.

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