GLBT AMERICA Interior 5 flooring mistakes to avoid: and how to fix them the easy way

5 flooring mistakes to avoid: and how to fix them the easy way

It is often easy to forget your floor’s importance in your overall scheme, but one common mistake can lead to a space that feels disproportionate and outdated. Therefore, whether you’re renovating your entire space or you’re looking to elevate your flooring ideas quickly, it is important to know about the mistakes to avoid, according to the experts. 

Flooring mistakes to avoid – 5 decisions to rethink this season 

Whether you’re looking for hallway flooring ideas to create the right first impression, or you’re looking for the right type of material for your kitchen or living room – the mistakes remain the same. Here’s what to avoid, according to those who know. 

1. Avoid stripping your wooden flooring 

Scandinavian living room with dark wood floor and white walls

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti / Future)

Recent trends may point towards stripped gray flooring; however, this movement is not one that works for everyone. Instead, Manhattan-based architect Anastasia Harrison (opens in new tab) urges you to embrace your floor’s natural beauty and step away from stripping.